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Indictment Handed Out In Russian Bribery Case Involving Uranium One, Hillary Clinton

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    Originally posted by Linedoggie View Post
    I thought the mantra was Uranium One was snowy white virginal above board.

    you mean there is corruption involved?

    No my 'mantra' (AKA the facts as they stand) was that Clinton didn't take any bribes to approve a deal because it was not hers alone to approve. Factcheck, snopes, whoever the source, but you can't cherry pick. The only 'connection' is that she was in government at the time.


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      Disproved: case is unrelated.
      "There was an indictment, but the Justice Department doesn’t tie it to the Uranium One deal. Instead, the charges come out of a 2014 investigation of an American-based kickback scheme that defrauded millions of dollars from a subsidiary of the Russian nuclear agency Rosatom."
      The multiple sources that misreported it are all listed in the sidebar for reference:


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        Originally posted by commanding View Post

        The story about "Trump/ Russia collusion" has also NOT BE PROVEN, after over a year investigation by thousands of FBI, and govt lawyers, democratic party sleuths etc, and so why do you keep harping on it little Kiwi bird? Same = same. And don't point to Snopes as it is a liberal website and always has as it is privately owned.
        Yes, this deal was not exclusively Hillary's to approve, but they needed her influence and yes vote. And they got it. Bill also gets a $500,000.00 speaking fee from Putin and the Clinton Global Slush Fund miraculously and simultaneously gets millions of dollars. Yeah sure, nothing to see here........

        Obama's Justice Department, then under Eric Holder, knew about this but did nothing about it. And, despite knowing about Russia's illegal activities, when the Rosatom bid to take over Uranium One came up for a vote, the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) approved it in 2010. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a member of the CFIUS board, voted in favor of the deal. So did Holder.
        If that sounds funny, it should. Because it turns out that the Clinton Foundation, the global "charity" run by Bill and Hillary, had taken in an estimated $145 million from Uranium One shareholders and executives, mostly around the time the deal was being approved.
        The Justice Department waited until 2014, after Hillary's departure from office, to do anything about the Russian criminal activity. And details of the Uranium One deal didn't even emerge until 2015, after Holder left office. It reeks of quid-pro-quo double-dealing that involved Clinton using her powerful office of secretary of state to enrich her own private foundation and family.