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China plans to provide 4.8 million charging points for electric vehicles by 2020

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    Originally posted by picanha View Post
    Nobody checks food or products coming in from outside Europe or America for pollutants.
    Thats not true. I don't know about other countries but I have visited a facility of customs that among other stuff does exactly that.
    Of course the problem is that they only catch some of it but there is someone.


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      I know that they are supposed to do so. But don't fool yourself..even the pre-backed just-heat-10-min-in-the-oven buns come from China.

      The amounts imported are humunguous and I find it a scandal that we import apples and stuff from polluted countries and teh EU isn't able to declare where the stuff comes from.

      I want to knbow that the apple juice concentrate is from China.

      Aldi now has directly pressed juices with "harvested and ?extruded? in Germany"

      The directly pressed juices can't be transportet around the world cost effective.

      Same with EU organic label. What organic serves me if it is not declared where it comes from only EU agriculture / Non-EU agriculture.

      Even if the do it organic they may be full of other noxious substances.

      I always wait for fresh Ginger from Peru instead of the one from China.

      I laughed at the hipsters going full retard on the super healthy Goji berries and the extreme expensive juice made from them.

      Totally contaminated!

      The cheap cheap healthy whatever fantasy does not work, they feed you the pollution back!

      Weisue was murdered. Google it up and then write a letter to the EU about their "controls"..

      And what do you think is in strawberry jam? 1,60€ / kg cheap China strawberries

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        China Seen Set to Dominate Clean Energy...:

        China is set to dominate global construction and financing of clean energy after record investment in overseas ventures and takeovers last year.

        The world’s biggest energy user spent $44 billion on large, international clean energy projects, and mergers and acquisitions in 2017, up almost 38 percent from a year earlier, Cleveland-based Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis said in a report. China’s Belt and Road Initiative has driven $8 billion of solar exports and is proving a gateway to emergent sectors like energy storage.

        China is moving towards becoming a global leader in renewable technology as the US pulls away, a new report has said.

        China is the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases and still invests in coal but in recent years it has become the largest investor in domestic renewable energy. The country is now on track to lead international investment in the sector, according to the report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA).

        The Chinese data showed that Beijing saw a 20% reduction in air pollution compared to 2016, but the American embassy in Beijing showed a 50% reduction in air pollution compared to 2016. Of course, this difference was expected because the Americans only have one detector at one location while the Chinese have thousands in different locations within Beijing.