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Egypt makes a purchase of North Korean armaments!

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  • Egypt makes a purchase of North Korean armaments!

    of North Korean armaments!

    Egypt has secretly ordered weapons from North Korea in breach of United Nations (UN) sanctions, with the shipment exposed by the US, the Washington Post reported late Sunday.

    According to the report, a bulk freighter named Jie Shun, flying Cambodian colors, had sailed from North Korea in July 2016, and was noticed by US intelligence in the Suez Canal in August. Egypt was notified about the suspicious vessel, but it turns out the vessel was intended for them, the article explained.

    Interesting, Egypt manufactures the RPG-7 launcher and PG-7 series grenades for use....

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    Please use more descriptive titles. I thought this thread was about a new line of sandals or the unveiling of a new sphinx. Leaving disappointed.


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      They must be able to sell their stuff for a hammer price, for Egypt to risk a row with Uncle Sam.