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Narcoterrorism and the KKK Model: Latin America’s ‘Gangster Warlords’

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  • "Tuitera" reports receiving telephone death threat from CDN
    Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

    A young woman using the name of @ loba_indomable "tuitera” who tweets narco news and at risk situations in the northern area of Tamaulipas, says she has been threatened death through her telephone.

    She reports that she was contacted by the people of Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez, aka "El Huevo" through ATT number 8282813827 from Cadereyta Nuevo Leon. Treviño reportedly has family in Cadereyta. "Huevo Treviño" is the leader of the Northeast Cartel aka CDN. CDN is the Treviño faction of the Zetas Split, the second faction is Old School Zetas.

    Below is a tweet from Loba saying that “this is what he said he will with me for reporting what is happens in Nuevo Laredo”. There is a link to an article about the decapitation death of La Nena of Laredo, a blogger who was murdered in 2011. The article includes image at top.

    Marisol Macías Castañeda, also appearing as Maria Elizabeth Macías Castro in media reports and known for her online name "NenaDLaredo" or "La Nena De Laredo,” was a blogger and editor-in-chief for Primera Hora in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.


    • Weaponized drone with grenades targets home of Baja California security chief

      After 07:00 hours on Tuesday, July 10, two drones were directed to fly over the house of the Secretary of Public Safety of Baja California, Gerardo Sosa Olachea, located in the Los Laureles neighborhood, in Tecate, near the road to Cove.

      Shortly before 07:30 hours witnesses could see when the devices descended on the property, which at that time was occupied only by the family housekeeper.

      The headquarters of the State Preventive Police (PEP) received two reports regarding the drones, first, of the drones flying over and the second indicating that in the house of Sosa Olachea they had located at least one of the drones equipped with camera and audio. In this device, fastened with adhesive tape, were two fragmentation grenades that failed to detonate when they descended.

      MORE AT LINK...


      • Cd Obregon: Father Shot Dead inside Church

        Ciudad Obregon, Sonora July 14, 2018

        A man was riddled with bullets and killed before the altar of a church, where he tried to take refuge with his son in his arms when he was persecuted by his aggressor with a rifle who shot him several times in front of the crowded church congregation with no regard for the child or the gathering of about 40 people.

        In an attempt to flee his assailants, Victor Alejandro "N", got out of his car and entered the church of El Buen Pastor with a child in his arms where he was murdered last evening while the people calmly waited for the beginning of the mass at 7:00 pm in the parish of The Good Shepherd, located in the Casa Blanca neighborhood. He was screaming: " No ! Not my my child ! "

        The man, identified as Victor Alejandro" N ", " El Piloto ", 40 years old, while running with his 4-year-old son in his arms, asked his aggressor not to harm the child; he wished to deliver his child to his grandmother who was awaiting the Mass.

        The people who were inside the parish were astonished and terrified, some took shelter when they heard the shots, others hit the floor between the pews, some crawled and hurt their knees, according to witnesses.
        "The mass had not yet started, the father, ie the priest, was coming into the temple to celebrate the evening mass from the back when gunshots rang out so he did not get out of the car because of what was happening, the police came and the people left," said a neighbor.

        According to neighbors of the sector, the man was persecuted from the streets in his vehicle by the attackers, an armed commando aboard a van or truck. The vehicle of Víctor Alejandro "N". had several bullet shots.

        The people of Colonia Casa Blanca who were in the church confirmed that with the man, in addition to the child that he was carrying, had two other young girls with him and that when he entered the temple the girls managed get to his mother, apparently the grandmother of the minors.

        one of the comments!!

        AnonymousJuly 15, 2018 at 5:59 PM

        Los Salazares brought in a special assasin group trained by ex KGB and Spetznaz group to clean la plaza. These guys have a big arsenal of HK MP5 and AR 15 with grenade launchers and Barrett Sniper rifles.


        • "Kiko" Trevino, Last Leader of Los Zetas, Goes on Trial Today in Texas

          By: Juan Alberto Cedillo July 16, 2018
          Nuevo Laredo, Tampaulipas

          Juan Francisco Treviño Chávez Jr., "Kiko" , the last king of the Zetas who renamed the Northeast Cartel (CDN), will be tried in Texas this Monday on seven counts, "including five that go from 10 years in prison to life imprisonment, " the Texas newspaper San Antonio Express News reported.

          An alleged former leader of Mexico’s bloodthirsty Los Zetas cartel is going on trial , which starts Monday in a federal court in Waco, Texas accused of conspiracy to traffic multi-kilogram quantities of marijuana and cocaine inland through South Texas and laundering millions of dollars in proceeds.

          Juan Francisco Treviño Chavez Jr., the 38-year-old nephew of former Zetas boss Miguel Angel “Z-40” Treviño Morales and himself a leader of the now-splintered cartel, is being tried on seven counts. Juan Treviño, a U.S. citizen known as “Kiko” or “Comandante Kiko,” is the second of the Treviño family to be tried in the U.S.
          Another of his uncles, Jose Treviño, was convicted in a trial in an Austin federal Court after a more than 3 year investigation involving multiple US Law Enforcement Agencies for laundering the Zetas’ drug money through quarterhorse racing. He was ultimately convicted and is serving 20 years w/o any priors. Not only did he launder money through a complex scheme but the Trevino brothers threw races to up the bidding price of the sale of their horses. Several business associates were also found guilty and are serving long sentances.

          "Kiko" Treviño was arrested in Baytown, outside Houston, in September 2016 after slipping into the United States illegally some time after he was released by a judge in Mexico, where he had been arrested in 2012.

          Kiko Treviño, 38, is the nephew of former Zetas leader Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, Z40 , and was captured in Houston by the DEA in September 2016. He was also arrested in Monterrey in 2012 and spent a short time in Mexico, but a judge freed him from the charges of carrying weapons for the exclusive use of the Army.

          read more at link...


          • The War on Drugs 2017: Sedena Deployed 52,807 Troops

            Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio
            July16, 2018 By: Rubén Mosso

            The Secretariat of National Defense deployed in 2017 the largest number of soldiers in 12 years of struggle against drug trafficking, Sedena commissioned to that task 52,807 elements. It is the highest number of Army personnel that daily fights the nine drug cartels that operate in different regions.

            At the beginning of Felipe Calderón's administration, in Mexico there were 37, 253 soldiers in work to reduce violence, which includes the security of strategic facilities, tasks of eradication and interception in application of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives, as well as as support for public safety.

            After a criminal assault against federal, state and municipal forces, 45,000 soldiers were commissioned to fight the criminal groups in 2007 after Calderon won the 2006 presidential election.

            It should be noted that 2017 also holds the record for highest numbers of violent murders, feminicides, disappearances and violent crime in general with 2018 heading to top that number despite the arrests and extraditions of top capos to the US.



            • This is just insane and crazy to me. I remember when there were no cartels in Baja California, and it was peaceful, and I remember when I was in High School and in my 20's it was a rite of passage for guys to go to Ciudad Acuna.

              I can even remember in the 1980's when Mexican Americans from Texas went to Mexico to visit relatives, no worries about the cartels, just worries about being shaken down by the soldiers on the highways.

              New US State Dept Travel Warning Highlights 5 Mexican States
              Posted by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: US State Dept
              July 18, 2018
              NOTE: I first read this is Mexican Press. Check out this cool website where these images and much more come from: HERE

              Mexico Travel Advisory: July 16, 2018 Mexico - Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution
              Exercise increased caution in Mexico due to crime. Some areas have increased risk.

              Please read the entire Travel Advisory.
              Violent crime, such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery, is widespread.

              The U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in many areas of Mexico as U.S. government employees are prohibited from travel to these areas.

              U.S. government employees are prohibited from intercity travel after dark in many areas of Mexico. U.S. government employees are also not permitted to drive from the U.S.-Mexico border to or from the interior parts of Mexico with the exception of daytime travel on Highway 15 between Nogales and Hermosillo.

              DO NOT Travel to:

              Colima State due to crime.
              Guerrero State due to crime.
              Michoacán State due to crime.
              Sinaloa State due to crime.
              Tamaulipas State due to crime.

              For all other states in Mexico please see detailed information below.
              Read the Safety and Security section on the country information page.

              If you decide to travel to Mexico:

              read more at link...


              • Four TONS of Drugs Destroyed in Baja, CA

                July 17, 2018

                The Attorney General's Office (PGR) incinerated nearly four tons of narcotics in Baja California and destroyed 86 slot machines, all of which related to various preliminary inquiries, investigative files and criminal cases.

                The Deputy Attorney General for Regional Control, Criminal Procedures and Amparo (SCRPPA), through its Delegation in Baja California, reported that 3 Tons, 107 kilos 495 grams plus 100 milligrams of marijuana were incinerated; 438 Kilos, 146 grams plus 800 milligrams of methamphetamine hydrochloride; 37 Kilos, 773 grams plus 750 milligrams of cocaine hydrochloride; and 19 Kilos 802 grams plus 419 milligrams of methamphetamine.

                They also incinerated 8 Kilos 697 grams plus 100 milligrams of Fentanyl; 5 kilograms 90 grams plus 800 milligrams of diacetyl morphine hydrochloride; 8 grams 500 milligrams of Mescaline; one gram of Peyote; 2 kilos 11 grams plus 400 milligrams of Heroin; as well as 4 marijuana plants and 132 tablets, ie pills type unnamed.

                Acquitted of all charges: Mireles may sue Peña, Osorio and Castillo for robbing him of almost 3 Years of life.
                Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat ✌


                Dr. José Manuel Mireles, founder of the self-defense groups in Michoacán, celebrated the ruling of a Federal Court that declared his absolute freedom and acquitted him of all charges.

                He also reiterated via twitter, that the charges were fabricated, after he decided to save his people.

                He is considered by many of having been a political prisoner incarcerated for 2 years and 11 months in federal prisons.

                His defense attorney reports they are considering filing a lawsuit against former Commissioner Alfredo Castillo, the former Secretary of the Interior, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, and President Enrique Peña Nieto, for false imprisonment and fabricated charges.


                • Migrant Woman Returns to Mexico, Sweeps 2018 Senate Race in Guerrero


                  By: Sara Gurling
                  Thanks to Tu Fren once again

                  SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — At a concrete table painted green, white and red, I sit down to interview the senator-elect from the leftist party of Mexico’s new government MORENA.

                  Nestora Salgado appears to me valiant but she quickly corrects me and tells me she is not “valiant” at all, rather she protests, is a “dreamer.” This woman who migrated to the United States many years ago and labored in blue collar jobs, did something very uncommon, unheard of really. She returned to Mexico and launched a grassroots fight to restore dignity to her township which she had found in distress due to insecurity. A major public figure on the left now, Salgado is charting new territory.

                  As we settle into a conversation, I remark that the park we are at was proudly proclaimed “Chicano Park” here in San Diego, California by people like us who wanted to preserve this land and they had a vision for it. Chicanos in the 70’s didn’t want it to be turned into an industry wasteland, so they took it over and proclaimed it for Aztlán. I then ask the senator-elect if there is something in the park that reminds her of her own fight and grassroots efforts in Guerrero.

                  “Truly, yes there is,” she immediately replies. Salgado then signals over to some color-drenched murals depicting pre-Hispanic deities that were meticulously preserved on the side of a freeway overpass. Above our heads, hundreds of cars pass by going 65 miles per hour, completely unaware that we exist here under the bridges that join Coronado Island to the City of San Diego. Salgado suddenly points to a statue, “look, there’s even an Emiliano Zapata here.”

                  Forced Migration:

                  Salgado is most struck by the faces she sees at Chicano Park. She understands that each face has a story—she is a former migrant. She knows the voyage of the migrant is not an easy one. And she knows that where there is migration, “there is a reason” she points this out and it becomes a theme of our interview.

                  “In Guerrero, the issue of forced migration is rooted in a fundamental lack of opportunities and real eminent risks” she begins softly. “Many have chosen to migrate in order to bypass the overwhelming influence that hit men have over communities and to avoid being caught in crime syndicates and many times, to avoid being subjected to human trafficking” she speaks with intensity because her message must carry and she wants Americans to understand what forced migration is.

                  “There are very humble people that have been forced to cultivate poppy as a crop,” she lamented. “The insecurity, murders, and disappearances all contribute to Mexican’s dreams and yearnings of something better.”

                  These are the same reasons she cites as having factored in the elections. One thing is for certain, no margin of error needs consideration. Mexico’s MORENA leftist party didn’t win, they overwhelmingly swept the elections from poll to poll.

                  With No Alternatives:

                  The new federal government under Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has declared that Mexico is a country rich in values and resources and must prioritize now all resources to the benefit of its people and not the transnational corporations as in the past. The government must act swiftly on the issue of security.

                  “We Mexicans must have alternatives to migration,” Salgado states. “A rural farmer must be able to grow and harvest maíz and afford to feed his family from the earnings yielding from his plot of land.”

                  She points with conviction and a glare in her eye. She really means it. Her vision for the country is shared by the MORENA platform and includes security, peace, and reconciliation as cornerstones for prosperity in the future of its democracy. But she quickly cautions that the citizens of Mexico must all share in the participatory responsibilities.


                  • CJNG Announces Another “ CLEANING “ in Oaxaca
                    Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso


                    By: Pedro Matias July 20, 2018

                    Oaxaca: "We're here and we're not going from here!" was the warning they made, through a video on social networks, alleged members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG )

                    In the images of 44 seconds, a commando of about 25 presumed members of said cartel, with their faces covered and carrying high power weapons, reported that they came to clean nine municipalities in the central valleys of Oaxaca that include the capital, Xoxocotlán, Santa Lucía del Camino, San Dionisio, Ejutla and Miahuatlán.

                    In addition, they were given a list of alleged kidnappers, extortionists and thieves, which includes "porros" of the "Benito Juárez" Autonomous University of Oaxaca.

                    AnonymousJuly 21, 2018 at 9:14 AM

                    They are cleaning house of criminals doing extortions, kidnappings, killings. So they them selves could do the same. What the hell they think they own the whole Mexico, Mencho wants to become the Hitler and rule Mexico.

                    AnonymousJuly 21, 2018 at 6:51 PM

                    El SR Mencho hired some harcore mercs for this cleansing of the invading cartels.These guys have been trained by the British SAS and MI6.They have the latest firepower from HK and Sig Sauer.I did some explosive training with these professional black ops assasins and U can tel you they are top notch.

                    Sicario 006


                    • Reading about Mexico beats anything I've ever heard or read. The cartels have the old-style mafia beat to hell.

                      El Marro and El Señor de la Silla, the huachicoleros behind the Guanajuato violence


                      In the past two years, violence in Guanajuato has exponentially increased by 160%. In January of 2016, 60 murders were registered. In the month of February, 2018 there were 156. [ population of Guanajuato is 6M].

                      The reason for the violence? The so called “Triangle of Guanajuato” or “Triangle of Bermuda”, a corridor that goes from León to Los Apaseos and passes through Salamanca, Irapuato and Celaya.

                      In this corridor passes pipelines of Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), the main source of the “huachicoleros”, or gas thieves.

                      Data reveals that Guanajuato is the state with the largest clandestine fuel intakes.
                      In the first 11 months of 2017 it was recorded that there are 1,696 fuel retrieval points in the state. This makes it a most valuable commodity for cartels to capitalize on.

                      The triangle is disputed by two organized crime groups: Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima and Cartel Jalisco New Generation. (CJNG)


                      CJNG is one of the main cartels involved in fuel theft. Both in Guanajuato and Veracruz, are the main entities where this crime is carried out. “El Marro” and "El Señor de la Silla" have maintained a vicious dispute over the territory of the “triangle”, a war that has caused immense bloodshed in the streets of Guanajuato.

                      In the last year a total of 84 people were murdered, while in the first two months of 2018 there were 328 cases of intentional homicide.

                      The presence of these cartels is also reflected in the number of complaints of drug trafficking. A crime that almost doubled in Guanajuato, from 3684 in 2016 to 6567 in 2017.

                      And in 2018, there were in the first two months 1436 cases.

                      With no end in sight.


                      • I remember driving through Tijuana in safety. Not a worry one.

                        Tijuana: 15 murders in the last 24 hours


                        a comment:
                        AnonymousJuly 25, 2018 at 3:55 PM

                        over the years tijuas has changed during the empire of the sinaloense brothers tj was a nice place to party , chill , or vacation them came in some other gallos de sinaloa who wanted a piece of the action
                        Now days is an all out war sinaloa send toneladas from their control territory and defend it ctng and cjng stay selling level street and caf is pretty much just trying to survive


                        • No link posted. Too graphic. Graphic video - beheading. (I didn't watch it. ugh.)

                          CJNG and Zetas Old School intensify war

                          Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Notinfomex

                          In the twilight of Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares' administration in Veracruz, two criminal groups have started a war to control the southern part of the state, bordering Tabasco and Oaxaca.

                          Zetas Old School, predominant group in that region, and the New Generation Jalisco Cartel, have been in contention of the territory for years; nevertheless, in the last [days] threats and executions between both groups have grown and spread through social media networks.


                          • Municipalities in Morelos Establish Their Own Autodefensas


                            The first six months of 2018 became the most violent so far for the Enrique Peña Nieto administration. From January to June of this year, there were 13,738 murders. This figure meant that, on average, 76.32 daily homicides were committed in the country, according to the data of the Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Pública (SESNSP) (Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security) with a cutoff date of June 2018.

                            Fed up with this type of violence, kidnappings, extortion from organized crime, and the lack of response from authorities, residents of Tlalnepantla, Yautepec and Atlatlahucan decided to form their own autodefensas.

                            Mexico City, July 20, 2018— Residents of Tlalnepantla, Yautepec and Atlatlahucan, Morelos announced the creation of autodefensas in order to confront violence, kidnappings, and extortion from organized crime.

                            “Many (criminal) cells arrived to charge quotas and to kidnap,” a member of this community police that maintains a checkpoint at the entrance to the municipality of Tlalnepantla told EFE.

                            Fed up with this type of attack and the lack of response from the authorities, the Morelenses decided to form a community police, he explained.

                            In this municipality of Morelos, most of the population is dedicated to the sowing and cultivation of nopal (cactus), avocado, and peach.

                            “The police and the municipal mayor are already on their side (of the criminals). In fact, we no longer believe in them and we decided amongst ourselves to unite, to represent ourselves and to support each other,” he added.

                            The group was created after criminals of Colombian origin were arrested a month ago by villagers who accused them of extorting storekeepers in this region of central Mexico, he said.

                            Regularly, a man or a woman would appear at their businesses on board a motorcycle to request a quota from them, according to testimonies from the villagers.

                            “They told us they were charging money and threatening people. We realized this because people began to inform us and that is why we do this,” said the interviewee.

                            To achieve the arrest, the same villagers created barricades and placed checkpoints at the main entrances of the villages.

                            “We decided to get together in the town to get ahead, we came to look after [the village] (in turns) and we are armed for any situation that arises,” he said.

                            In addition to this “community police” in Morelos, the so-called autodefensas exist in the state of Michoacán and Guerrero, where they were born as a result of the threat of organized crime.

                            In Michoacán, they emerged in 2013 to defend themselves against the Caballeros Templarios Cartel, a spin-off from the Familia Michoacana, that dedicated itself mainly to the production and trafficking of drugs, but also kidnapping and extortion.

                            Although since 2011, there were already some armed communities in Cherán, Michoacán.

                            The emergence of autodefensas is not unique to that region. In Guerrero, they were born in the 70s and new groups emerged since 2013 due to the increase in violence.

                            Meanwhile in the Mezquital Valley (Hidalgo), they exist since 2008, and in villages that sympathize with the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) in Chiapas, since 1994.


                            • Cemei Verdía and the Resurgence of the Coastal Autodefenses

                              July 21, 2018 Cemei Verdía Zepeda

                              Aquila, Mich - Just past 6:30 in the morning of Friday the gathering of armed civilians began in the municipal seat of Aquila. They met the same as in 2013 when they started the self-defense groups in the Sierra-Costa region to fight organized crime. Unfortunately, as the resurgence of the mostly indegenous peoples of the coastal autodefensas began, their previously beloved leader Cemei Verdía was rejected and shunned.

                              His big mistake was taking the risk of running for a local Pan party position in the July 1st election, a position highly frowned upon by those same indigenous community members who distrust most in "the Bad Goverment". In their eyes, his running for a government position meant abandoning their interests. (more below)

                              Cemeí Verdía Zepeda, a leader of the armed civil war in Aquila, warned that with this resurgence - they have begun to clean up criminals who threaten their families, poison them with drugs, kidnap them and even kill them.
                              Little by little a caravan was formed with about 40 trucks, one of them armored, manned by approximately 200 inhabitants of the municipalities of Aquila, Coalcomán and Chinicuila, who have risen again in arms to take control of their region from organized crime groups.
                              During the caravan of the first operation, Cemei Verdía, accompanied by community leaders from Coalcomán and Chinicuila, pointed out that there is an inability of the state government to stop the violence that threatens its people.

                              "Today, the self-defense groups are once again taking control of the municipalities. We are going to tell our governments that we are clean self-defense groups and we are going to take care of security, which is what is most necessary in our region, "he said.

                              With their long and short weapons, as a whole, they announced that they will again do the work of security and combat the criminal cells of the Knights Templar and drug dealers of crystal meth who have returned to their lands.
                              Verdía Zepeda asked the administration of Governor Silvano Aureoles that if they are not going to help stop the criminal harassment, "do not get in the way", because what is at stake is the life of its inhabitants, not a photo-op charge or a public image.

                              "Hopefully, if the government wants to help us, I hope it does. We are willing to work in coordination, but if not, just do not get in the way and we can clean up, "he reiterated.

                              Prior to regaining control of security in the Ostula community, Cemeí Verdía recalled that the state government has not complied with the self-defense groups in Michoacán, which generated a criminal outbreak of drug sales in their localities.
                              Also they denounced that there are still cells of the cartel The Knights Templar that have returned to some communities in this region, adjacent to the states of Colima and Jalisco, where they have perpetrated armed attacks, kidnappings and murders.

                              With their long and short weapons, as a whole, they announced that they will again do the work of security and combat the criminal cells of the Knights Templar and drug dealers of crystal meth who have returned to their lands.

                              "That is why today my colleagues invite me to fight this and I will gladly do it. We have always been alive and we have remained united in the municipalities, " he said.

                              more at link

                              For other cool images and facts about Michoacan's Indigenous Populations go HERE


                              • 15 Cartels Fight Over Plazas Generating Wave Of Violence
                                Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio


                                July 29, 2018
                                By: Ignacio Alzaga

                                Alliances, ruptures and the consolidation of criminal organizations make up the most recent map of drug trafficking in Mexico, where 15 groups define themselves as cartels and have generated a wave of violence over the control of places, the distribution of drugs and various criminal activities, especially the practice of illegal fuel takes known as "Huachicoleo".

                                Guanajuato has become the epicenter of a war between the Cartel of Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) and the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, particularly for the theft of fuel from Pemex pipelines or huachicoleo .

                                The Sinaloa or Pacific Cartel is going through an internal struggle, led by the sons of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán , know as "Los Chapitos" or "Los Menores" and the faction led by Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada.

                                This is revealed by intelligence reports of the National Security Commission (CNS), through the Federal Police, and the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) updated to July 2018.