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7/4 2017: Suspected terrorist attack in Stockholm, Sweden - Truck mows down pedestrians

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    According to Turkish news the attacker was arrested on Syrian border in 2015 while trying to go to Syria and extradited to Sweden.


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      what's the longest sentence could he get there? Is there a chance he could get Life?


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        Originally posted by TheFreeLegion View Post
        what's the longest sentence could he get there? Is there a chance he could get Life?
        Yes. It is highly unlikely he will ever be released.


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          Akilov linked to network around jihadist leader
          Swedish Radio News has discovered links in social media between the suspected Stockholm terrorist and a network around a jihadist leader wanted by Interpol for terror financing

          The coincidence of two Uzbek jihadi attacks only four days apart, in St. Petersburg and Stockholm respectively, might not have been much of a coincidence after all:
          Just four days before the truck attack in Stockholm a suicide bomber struck the Metro system in Saint Petersburg. The Russian website spoke to a source within the police and security service who said that the suspected organiser of the attack is none other than Abu Saloh. This aspect of the Russian investigation is not something that Swedish Radio Ekot can confirm. But the extremist network that suspected attacker Rakhmat Akilov can be connected to, via social media, can be traced to the same jihadist leader: Abu Saloh.


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            The whole case is under tight wraps really, but the Uzbek suspect recently faced even more charges by the prosecution:

            At the end of the day, plain old terrorism is what he's going to get convicted for, I think, but they keep digging. Also, having seen this guy and his shiftyness, I'm well worried. After the jihadi Uzbek attacks in both Saint Petersburg and Stockholm, (and Istanbul a while prior, too) what if there's a proper Uzbek jihadi network at work here? Now they keep piling up charges against this douchebag, that's all fine and dandy if you ask me, but I certainly hope SÄPO is getting down to it as well and issue the proper international warnings through Interpol and what have you, so it doesn't wind up being yet another Swedish court "triviality", isolated from the bigger picture. We've been good at that exercise before...


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              The trial is over and the verdict is supposed to arrive on June 7th.

              Meanwhile, another three Uzbeks were arrested in Sweden the other day, suspected of preparing acts of terrorism:

              At least one of them is said to have been in contact with the truck hijacker.


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                From US news source:


                COPENHAGEN, Denmark — An Uzbek man who drove a stolen truck into a crowd in Stockholm, killing five people and wounding 14 others, was convicted Thursday of terror-related murder and given a life sentence.

                Rakmat Akilov had said he wanted to punish Sweden for joining a coalition against the Islamic State group. In January, he was charged with terror-related murder and attempted murder for the attack with a beer truck on April 7, 2017


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                  Is it a real life sentence or will he do only 20 years ?