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Rockets hit northern Israel ...

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  • Rockets hit northern Israel ...

    Rockets hit northern Israel, hours after Hezbollah terrorist killed

    No injuries or damage reported as at least 3 projectiles land in open areas near Nahariya

    IDF shells South Lebanon after rocket fire on Western Galilee

    Israel says it holds Lebanese Army responsible for any cross-border activity aimed at harming citizens of the Jewish state

    Peacekeepers up Lebanon border patrols to stem violence

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    Breaking News
    12/20/2015 20:18

    Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine responsible for rocket fire into Israel


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      Bracing for further attacks, mayors in northern Israel open bomb shelters

      UNIFIL steps up patrols along Israel-Lebanon border after rocket salvo, which followed alleged Israeli killing of Hezbollah terrorist


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        Free Syrian Army: Hezbollah is lying, we killed Kuntar, not Israel


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          Report: Kuntar planning major terror attack on Israel when he was killed

          Notorious terrorist was reportedly deemed a 'ticking bomb' by Israel and the West; rejected by Hezbollah, he planned attacks as a 'freelancer'.



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            Kuntar was sent two years ago to Syria in order to open up a front against Israel in the Golan, so Hezballah could operate against Israel without bringing the fight into Lebanon.

            It's a bit ironic that the knee jerk reaction to his death in Syria, was rockets being launched from Lebanon...


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              Hezbollah leader: Israel killed Kuntar, we will avenge his death

              Nasrallah says terrorist ‘only wanted to fight Israel,’ warns group will act ‘at the time and place of our choosing’


              With fanfare and warning to Israel, Hezbollah buries Samir Kuntar in Beirut

              Thousands turn out for funeral of terrorist said to have been killed in IDF strike on Syria; Shiite group calls assassination a ‘stupid act’



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                Amid tangle of foes facing Israel from Syria, Kuntar was an obvious target

                The terror chief was working for Iran in orchestrating attacks on Israel from Al-Hader, a key border town where a spectacularly complicated power struggle is playing out



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                  I didn't notice it until someome pointed it out on Twitter, but check out the flag plastered on "Palestine", behind Nasarallah.


                  Hint: it's not the Palestinian flag.

                  They aren't even trying to hide their intentions anymore...


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                    Hezbollah reportedly pressed to avoid attacking Israel

                    According to Kuwaiti paper, foreign officials have warned terror group that retaliation for Kuntar killing could prompt crushing Israeli response



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                      Such threats would have a bit more weight to them if Israel had not given Hezballah a free pass on the ATGM attack, following the offing of the Iranian and Hezballah big wigs in the Golan.


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                        When is the last time that POS Nasrallah saw the light of day.

                        Nasrallah: Revenge for Kuntar’s death will ‘inevitably come’

                        Week after top Hezbollah commander killed, terror group chief says Israelis ‘hiding like rats’ at northern border, and ‘they should be worried’



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                          From the article:

                          Nasrallah also appeared to corroborate claims by Israel that Hezbollah was operating on the Syrian Golan Heights.

                          “When the activities of the resistance started near the Golan, Israel grew very anxious, and it started retaliating in a disproportionate manner to any shelling or gunfire on the border, even if it did not cause casualties,” he said.
                          I lol'd.

                          "We're like, just trying to open up a new front against you guys and you totally overreacted!1".

                          I remember the endless arguments I had with the Hezzi apologists and their plausible deniability arguments over in the Syria thread. it's the rebels trying to draw you in the fight! not.

                          Well, at least Nasrallah's graphics guys remembered to put the appropriate flag this time around.


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                            Thought Hezbollah gave up on revenge for Kuntar? Think again

                            After Nasrallah’s speech vowing to retaliate for death of arch-terrorist, group will be forced to respond, if only to keep edge over IS in anti-Israel rivalry



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                              Hezbollah said mired in financial crisis

                              Lebanese banking delegation to head to US as Washington poised to impose sanctions on Lebanese terror group