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  • Originally posted by Corrupt View Post
    I've read Guderian, he was very informative, but I was thinking of a postwar analysis of the doctrines employed by the various powers.
    GOD, cant you just say the name of the book??

    I have only read Fighting Power, but it is about organizational theory applied to armies.


    • From the city, from the plough - Alexander Baron.

      It's a book based on his experiences of world war two, it's not autobiographical, its fictional, but some events described were so true to life people have worked out who his fictional 5th Battalion of the Wessex regiment are meant to be. Think of it like a WW2 All Quiet on the Western Front. Excellent book,even if some of the behaviour and characters mentioned aren't exactly pleasant reading


      • Arnheim by Anthony Beevor

        A good read on the disastrously poorly planned and performed Market-Garden operation.


        • The Last Battle: The Classic History of the Battle for Berlin

          Cornelius Ryan

          Belated review for a semi-recent read. Was optimistic when grabbing this title due to Ryan's work with The Longest Day and A Bridge Too Far. However, this one left me feeling disappointed. Ryan does masterful work when delving into the complex end-stage political maneuvering between the Allies and German Reich. He draws upon many personal interviews with the involved parties, highlighting the frantic dash to Berlin by the West and then the final decision to let the Soviets take Berlin with thorough analysis on the reasoning. Where Ryan seems to struggle or underwhelm is in the telling of the battle itself, less detailed than his political storytelling the battle seems to rush by in a series of anecdotal account. There is some focus on the Seelow Heights but you really do not get a clear or engaging read on the battle. Overall a decent read on a subject I was interested in, but regretting making this my first choice for a title on the Battle for Berlin.

          Final Verdict:

          6 outta 10 Devil Horns