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Hitler escaped?

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    Originally posted by Flagg View Post

    What gains viewership and signs pay checks?

    1) 100% convinced of the overwhelming probability that Hitler ate a bullet and got roasted like a Thanksgiving Turkey

    2) Express shock and amazement at the slim possibiltity Hitler escaped to his Arctic HQ in a UFO
    agree with this premise. ^^
    though the arctic HQ UFO thing is a bit of a troll.

    Originally posted by Flagg View Post
    Conspiracy theories are often fuelled by slim possibilities built on a foundation of often intentionally ignored overwhelming probability.
    Like UBL was hiding next door (to Afghanistan) in Pakistan?

    Originally posted by Flagg View Post
    Occam’s Razor: Hitler died and was covered in petrol and burned in a hole like a pile of turds.
    I would think his razor would be him captured by Soviets and either executed in Berlin or taken back to Moscow for Stalin / Satan.

    Originally posted by Flagg View Post
    Dictator/Crime Lord psych profiles are quite consistent.
    can you back this up? Never have heard of that.
    El Chapo ...Mexican drug lord, in prison in the USA.

    Originally posted by Flagg View Post
    They typically stick it out to the bitter end, even when overtures of safe harbour are offered or available.
    meaning what? suicide or capture vs escape I guess??

    How about Mussolini, Hirohito, Jefferson David (pres of CSA), Himmler, Goring, Bormann, Noriega

    Originally posted by Flagg View Post
    Those with the identify of a demigod don’t wish to return to being a mere mortal.
    But Obama did!