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Should the ashes of Japanese war criminals in Singapore cemetery be removed?

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    Originally posted by Jumper View Post
    Well of it's all like that, let's dig out the remains of Vietnam veterans, they surely did good carpetbombing the country because they resisted or had different political ideas.
    Thesame counts for allmost any power that had expedionairy ambitions. So dig out the Graves of the British, French, Dutch, Belgians, etc, etc..
    It's to easy to aim fingers at histories written evil powers. It's often just a perspective documented on a sertain manner.
    Our hero's are just hero's in our perspectives, the Geneva conventions came later and are still not fully respected by sertain countries.
    The double standards are ironic.

    ?? Did you read the original article? Or just decided to rant? There are three groups of Japanese who are buried there. Civilians, regular soldier and war criminals. It is my understanding that the Japanese prefer to have their dead brought home. For the first two groups, it is between that country and the Japanese to determine what is best, in my opinion. As far as the convicted and executed war criminals........... flush them.

    BTW read more history.