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    Interesting photos of 286 Air fighter Regiment

    After flight day

    Pilots of 3rd squadron (senior lieutenant Kostikov, major Soloviev ,senior sergeant Ermakov, senior sergeant Korzh)

    Сaptain Baitsaev deputy squadron commander

    Starshina (petty officer) Semivolos , pilot , 2nd squadron

    engine repairing works

    winter 1941

    study of weapons

    study of APL-1 (aviation heat lamp)


    debriefing after working day

    study and work

    at the start . Young pilots are instructed before solo flight

    Sergant Manokhin is getting intructions before solo flight

    senior lieutenant Bratushko after combat flight

    Starshina Kostynin is in readiness number 2

    Сaptain Kapelnovich provides political information lesson

    briefing of agitators in 1 squadron

    Meeting with delegates from Uzbekistan

    Making newspaper "Rodina" briefing of agitators in 2 squadron

    lessons on weapons

    maintenance works

    weapons repairing

    Meeting in 2 squadron

    Regiment and 2 squadron commanders

    Presentation of state awards by brigade's commisar Ivanov

    1 squadron command post

    1 squadron commander captain Tatarchuk

    Pilots after flights

    Starshina Kosmynin after flight

    senior sergeant Parfyonov is preparing for flight


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      Lieutenant Kuharenko and his Somuas
      original article

      September 1944. Kandalaksha direction. 38 Guards Tank Brigade and 104 Rifle Division got task to pass through the german rear on t-34 tanks, to cut the road near Miokkalahtti-Kuoloyarvi,to not give a chance to reatreat ,to surround and defeat german garrisons in the strong points.

      Terrarian for tanks actions, so...

      Sometimes it became a little bit better ,,,

      But in general --

      river Tuntsajoki

      Tank T-34 Guards Lieutenant Kuharenko near map grid 5628 . Tank has personal name "Courageous"


      9.09 .44 Tank platoon under Lieutenant Kuharenko command cutted road (Can you see roads on photos ? ) near river Nurmiyoki, to Kuoloyarvi direction Apparantly, this march and another attacks north from Kuoloyarvi got german attention . Germans tried to attack Kuharenko's platoon to rear .
      As a result of battle our tank platoon knocked out 3 enemy tanks and captured 5 tanks

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        Let's look closer at german tanks
        French Somuas and Hotchkiss (they are in reports but no photos )

        According to our reports from 7.09 to 11.09 out tankers destroyed and captured 17 tank One of the captured german solders said that tanks were from 211 tank battalion

        Tank №121 has interesting fate - now you can see it in Park Patrion, Kubinka (more photos here)

        Lieutenant Kuharenko and his crew

        Award document was trasnlated by tankarchives

        "Award Order
        1. Name: Kuharenko, Nikolai Ivanovich
        2. Rank: Guards Lieutenant
        3. Position and unit: T-34 platoon commander, Independent Tank Battalion of the 38th Guards Independent Tank Brigade
          is nominated for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
        4. Year of birth: 1915
        5. Nationality: Ukrainian
        6. Party affiliation: VKP(b) member since 1944
        7. Participation in the Patriotic War (where, when): since 1941, Karelian Front
        8. Wounds and contusions in the Patriotic War: none
        9. In the Red Army since: 1937-1939, after 1941
        10. Recruited by: Kramatorsk recruitment office
        11. Prior awards: none
        Brief and specific description of personal heroism or achievments: On September 6th, 1944, Guards Lieutenant Kuharenko and his platoon, in carrying out a task of making a 50 km deep path into the enemy's deep rear for a tank column through swampy forest and then rocky mountain terrain, made it to the agreed upon target of the Miokkalahti-Kuoioyarvi highway on schedule, and ensured the destruction of an enemy group. At 21:30 on September 9th, Guards Lieutenant Kuharenko fought in the first echelon of the battalion under a storm of heavy artillery, mortar, and small arms fire. At top speed, he was the first to break through the enemy's reinforced defenses and slipped through a 12 tank German ambush. 1 km away from the front lines, within the enemy rear, he blocked the road and did not permit enemy tanks to escape the encirclement. Forcing the enemy to engage, Lieutenant Kuharenko's platoon destroyed 8 R-35 type tanks and up to 80 fascists. Kuharenko himself destroyed 3 enemy tanks and captured 2 tanks in working order, ensuring success for his battalion and the infantry of 217th Rifle Regiment, 104th Rifle Division.

        At 7:30 on September 10th, 1944, comrade Kuharenko was taking part in his second attack and was one of the first to penetrate through two echelons of enemy forces, where he destroyed 4 anti-tank guns, 5 dugouts, and up to 70 fascists. During subsequent pursuit, comrade Kuharenko became bogged down in a swamp in the enemy rear. Despite the difficulty of his situation, comrade Kuharenko did not abandon his tank under a hurricane of artillery and mortar fire. For 14 hours he fired at enemy strongholds, keeping them away from the tank, while simultaneously correcting fire of the rest of the tank battalion. When his infantry pulled up, Kuharenko unbogged his tank and continued the assault on the enemy.

        For heroism, courage, and bravery displayed in the fighting with German invaders, Guards Lieutenant Kuharenko is worthy of the highest government award, the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

        Commander of the Independent Tank Battalion, Guards Captain Donets
        September 15th, 1944."
        Lieutenant Kuharenko will awarded with Hero of SU star, survived the war and will be participated at Victory parade on Read Square' 45
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          Well, that is an interesting one. Germans with french beutepanzer in the finnish front.

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            Originally posted by DTA View Post

            According to our reports from 7.09 to 11.09 out tankers destroyed and captured 17 tank One of the captured german solders said that tanks were from 211 tank battalion
            Some background, armistice with Finland had been signed on 4th of September and it required Finland to start a war with Germany. Due to these reasons the Germans were already starting to retreat from Finland to Norway. Soviet military had the perfect chance to proceed and pursue the Germans, take Lapland and proceed to Norway without much resistance following the vacuum created by Germans, but they respected the armistice and stopped at the 1940 border.

            In some other reality: on our maps we might see Russia bordering Sweden, continuing to the Norwegian Sea and have naval base on gulf of Bothnia.


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              Given the 75th anniversary since the breaking of the Leningrad siege, archival documents regarding the "Road of Life" across Ladoga lake have been released:

              TL;DR: From September 1941 until the end of the siege, 1.62 million tons of cargo was brought in and 1.38 million civilians evacuated. In April 1942, a 35 km long fuel pipe was installed along the "Road of Life" (25 km along the lake bottom) with a fuel transfer rate of 300-350 tons per day. In June 1943, two M-Class ( submarines (M-77 and M-79) were transferred by rail into the Ladoga Lake. These submarines were used for protection, reconnaissance and even small-scale landing operations.


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                Excellent stuff.. Thanks for posting and/or bringing this information to our attention!


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                  In the Korsun-Shevchenkovsky . Zmievkoy A.M. 1944 Found award documents for Zmievskoy Andrey Minovich 1919 year of birth, served in 109th heavy howitzer artillery brigade as commander of the radio platoon ,9th battery

                  Awarded - Medal for Moscow defense and Medal for Courage

                  I didn't find in obd-memorial - so, he survived in war.

                  if someone interesting Soviet map for Warsaw. dated 1932 year. 61 mb


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                    Arado-96 with Red Stars from 287 Fighter Aviation Regiment

                    Abandoned plane was found and restored by technician Svetlov , pilot lieutenant Alexsander Soltysov took off the plane , later he trained another pilot for flying on this plane. Ar-96 was used as liaison aircraft in regiment .


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                      Originally posted by DTA View Post
                      Let's look closer at german tanks
                      French Somuas and Hotchkiss (they are in reports but no photos )
                      digging pamyat-naroda, i found album with this photo, is it H-35 Hotchkiss next to Somua? (Album relates to the same area)


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                        Another french guest Renault UE Chenillette on Taman peninsula (4th Air Army afterbattle report)

                        "enemy tankette damaged by bomb on the road Akhatanizovskaya - Semenjuk"