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  • Interesting documents from Russian archives

    Here i will post smth interesting from russian archives

    extract from Album of photographs and sketches of combat actions made by personnel 1587 ASENAP (Army Anti-aircraft artillery regiment ) (annex to the regimental combat journal )
    TsAMO (Central Archive of the Russian Ministry of Defence), Fund 15873, Inv 183128, File 7

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    Open scans by right button , they are in high resolution

    Fotopanorama made by 812 ORAD (separate observation battalion ) near village Vysokiy 9.1.44
    TsAMO, Fund 401, Inv 9511, file 312

    description SPG - Hill +5,0 - rifleman's trench - Wire barriers


    Wire barriers - mound - SPG - barn - hay- hay - mound - Wire barriers - destroyed tanks - Wire barriers


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      13 Guards Rifle Divizion in defenсe in Stalingrad schemas for 25.09.1942 and 27.09. 1942

      TsAMO, Fund 345, Inv 5487, File 9


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        Rodimtsev. I read about 13th Guards...


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          Thank you, DTA! especially for this: 13 Guards Rifle Divizion in defenсe in Stalingrad schemas for 25.09.1942 and 27.09. 1942

          TsAMO, Fund 345, Inv 5487, File 9

          I plan to share link with my son, who loves history, and has read (and talked to me) about the defense of Stalingrad.


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            Scheme of battle formations 150 infantry divizion in battle for Reichstag

            TsAMO , Fund 972, Inv 1, File305

            1 Regiments in battale in city in two echelons
            2 Battalions a ) companies in street battle by back angle
            b) In battle in plant district by Forward angle


            Solders who first broke into the Reichstag in the battle 30.4.45 (report from 5.5.45)
            TsAMO , Fund 972, Inv 1, File234, Doc 354

            first who broke into the Reichstag (Berlin) in the battle 30.4.45
            674 rifle regiment , In the center of the western facade
            lieutenant Kashkarbaev Rakhimzhan , commander of 1 platoon, 3 rifle company
            private Borisov Grigory Petrovich , regimental scout platoon

            756 rifle regiment In the southern part of the western facade

            Sergeant Egorov Mikhail Alekseevich , regimental scout platoon
            Junior sergeant Meliton Kantaria Varlamovich , regimental scout platoon


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              Some Reports (usually it's mountly reports) of combat actions and combat training has nice pictures on title pages


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                Someone had a really good eye for the lines of the Russian planes - need a bit of help with the tanks though

                Fantastic documents - I have loads of Russian photos somewhere from WW2


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                  More drawings on Combat diaries tittle pages

                  65th Tank Brigade (14 january - 5 february 1945)

                  37th Guard Rifle Division (June - July 1944 ) 615 km,364 settlements

                  20th Guard Tank Brigade

                  32nd Tank Brigade

                  16 self-propelled artillery brigade . Death to German occupants !

                  75th Guard Rifle Divizion

                  259 Tank Battalion

                  10 Tank Corps
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                    Originally posted by DTA View Post
                    Some Reports (usually it's mountly reports) of combat actions and combat training has nice pictures on title pages

                    I'm guessing that this particular air-regiment's designated cover artist was killed flying against the Germans the previous month, and the commanders had to quickly find a replacement.


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                      Award document . Hitler Semyon Kontantinovich.

                      Surname, first name and patronymic _____ Hitler Semyon Konstantinovich
                      Military rank _____ Red Army man
                      Position, _____ gunner of the machine-gun of the 73OPB Tiraspol UR
                      Award - medal For Military Merit
                      1. Year of birth _____ 1922
                      2. Nationality _____ Jew
                      3. From when was the Red Army _____ since 1940
                      4. Party membership _____ member of the Komsomol
                      5. Participation in battles (where and when) _____ in the Tiraspol fortification. area
                      6. Does it have wounds and concussion _____
                      7. The earlier the award (for any differences) _____ has not previously been awarded

                      Being the gunner of the machine gun сomrade. For 8 days comrade Hitler continuously destroyed hundreds of enemies by his precision fire
                      On attack on the height 174.5, comrade Hitler supported his infantry platoon with his well-aimed fire of the machine gun, but the enemy came from the rear, surrounded the platoon and scattered it. Comrade Hitler, already wounded with his machine gun, remained alone among the enemy. But he did not lose his head, and led the fire until he had used up all the bullets. And then at a distance of 10 km crawling among the enemy with a machine gun made its way to his unit.

                      14 august 1941

                      My remark . At beginning of war, first two years (especially in 1941), awards were rare and solder must made smth really exraodinary to got award. That why , early awards were very honorable among solders.


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                        Thank you for posting! All very nice!!


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                          "comrade Hitler" delivers...


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                            Working moments on Sergei Eisenstein movies

                            from Russian State Archive of Literature and Arts

                            Alexsander Nevsky

                            Battleship Potemkin


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                              Results of Il-2 strikes
                              1) Armoured train , 64 Sturmovik air regiment, Somov ,18.4.45
                              2) 64 Sturmovik air regiment, Keryanov , 6 out of 7 FW-190 destroyed . 24.4.45