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  • Originally posted by Hildemel View Post
    Yes, that's what we needed....another VIP transport.
    Disgusting. The ordinary grunt doesn't know how to cope with all the missing and defect equipment anymore, but we always seem to have some spare for some nice and shiny VIP treatment.


    • The "Verwalter des Mangels" have to ride in style. What were they saying 4 Bill. ‚ā¨ more...I presume a good chunk is already blocked for important stuff like decent VIP Transport.. And the change goes into material rejuvenation.. ūüėä

      Right now they have quite a large VIP fleet... don't know to what extent the white aircradft are used for military operations... the grey A310 are workhorses for sure..


      • Bundeswehr will participate with 10.000 soldiers and 4000 vehicles among them a 100 tanks on NATOs maneouvre Trident Juncture 2018.

        The maneouvre is the largest since the Reforger series in the 80s.

        2015 Marsch to Trident Juncture

        48 vehicles of Transportbataillon 472 travel from Saragossa / Spain to K√ľmmersbruck / Germany funny seeing the guy "operating" the toll machine on the Motorway he must have had the golden keys

        N24 TV (2017) report about the SPz (IFV) Puma

        Two of my favourite Bundeswehr Vids don't know if repost

        Bordsicherungssoldat (Doorgunner)

        Panzermörser M113 (Tank Mortar M113)


        • Originally posted by picanha View Post
          The maneouvre is the largest since the Reforger series in the 80s.
          And it's making S3 and S4 officers suicidal en masse, so I understand. Operation Heldenklau*, anyone?

          * Heldenklau = German jargon for the habit of cannibalizing units for their best soldiers and functional equipment


          • Bundeswehr will participate with 10.000 soldiers and 4000 vehicles among them a 100 tanks on NATOs maneouvre Trident Juncture 2018.
            So basically.....they're sending every last vehicle and tank that we have left that is at least 50% operational?


            • Oh my

              Germany trying to sell its Global Hawk drones...secondhand....Canada is allegedly .....interrested..... allegedly


              This is so embarrassing....I want to know who was the idiot supervising this programme.

              Such names should be made public so that nobody entrusts such figures any more projects.

              And it is not unfair - in fact we need that - they wasted publich money because of sheer stuipdity and not something unexpected or uncalculable.

              The certification problem was known. The systems to operate in EUs civilian airspace were also ordered according to NG.

              They hide and secretly move on .. it should be: You fucked up 700 mill. you get H4...and consider yourself lucky with that!

              So sad I had great hopes in teh Luftwaffe operating this powerful equipment and starting to learn operating global drones.

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              • So 2 vids of "Bundeswehr in Litauen" series (BW in Lithuania)




                • NATO spearhead Ari

                  Iron Hawk 2018

                  Iron Hawk 2018 part2

                  Blackborn struggle 2018

                  Die Heide brennt 2018


                  • + Ruhe in Frieden +

                    A German soldier was killed during the "Beowulf" manouevres in Lithuania. A falling tree, upon impact of an ARV with it, wounded the soldier on the head. His death was pronounced shortly after.

                    The Feldjäger and Lithuanian authorities investigate.


                    • Waffen Show and Live Fire at Bundeswehr Day 2018 in Meppen, if they do it again I'll be there next time

                      Nice vid in HD!!

                      Interesting thing is the Dingo effectively shooting down the waving balloons...

                      Never operated a Waffenstation, quite impressive - must have hit a lot of Talibs with this precision

                      FLW 200

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                      • Tiere aus Stahl (Steel Animals) presentation of Bundeswehr vehicles


                        • Found an other (old) vid of the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018 (I know it is of no combat value) but nice HD vid of rolling and firing tanks

                          EF Typhoon and Tornado in front of the gates of Las Vegas (nice HD footage also from Typhoon cockpit)

                          EF Typhoon in Air Combat AMRAAM shooting in Lossiemouth /Scotland

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                          • Leopard 2 im Notbetrieb - Very lengthy internal Bundeswehr training video of the 80s explaining the emergency gun operation in manual mode with FERO Z18 and without the Waffennachf√ľhranlage / Weapons stabilization System (?)


                            • Bundeswehr recruitment seems to have gotten its act together.

                              compared to a couple of years ago this strikes meas a quantum leap in terms of production values


                              • Are there any reports on any situational improvement in Mali? I know it's the major mission for your country now. Is there any consensus for sending more troops or asking for other EU or NATO allies to assist?