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  • Originally posted by geolocator View Post
    Not quite like babies)))
    Reminder guys, using non-English languages to get around the no-personal-insults rule is frowned upon.


    • Angry Ukraine Fans Deluge FIFA's Facebook Page With Posts

      By Reuters

      July 10, 2018

      MOSCOW/KIEV — Ukraine supporters have flooded the Facebook page of football governing body FIFA with over 158,000 comments, most saying "Glory to Ukraine", after FIFA fined Croatia's assistant coach for a video in which he used the same slogan.

      FIFA hit Ognjen Vukojevic with a 15,000-Swiss-franc ($15,000) fine and a warning after he and Croatian defender Domagoj Vida said "Glory to Ukraine" in a video posted after Croatia beat Russia in a World Cup quarter-final on Saturday.

      Both men have played for Ukrainian club Dynamo Kiev. Croatia's Football Federation sacked Vukojevic from the national team's coaching staff after the video appeared.

      Relations between Ukraine and Russia remain highly charged following Moscow's 2014 annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region and its backing for a separatist rebellion in eastern Ukraine. Some Ukrainian politicians have called on countries to boycott the soccer World Cup, which Russia is hosting.


      • Originally posted by Cowboy's daughter View Post
        Angry Ukraine Fans Deluge FIFA's Facebook Page With Posts

        By Reuters

        July 10, 2018

        MOSCOW/KIEV — Ukraine supporters have flooded the Facebook page of football governing body FIFA with over 158,000 comments, most saying "Glory to Ukraine", after FIFA fined Croatia's assistant coach for a video in which he used the same slogan.
        Ukrainian 2nd troll front mobilized!

        If they had even a quarter of those steaming patriots at the front they would have steamrolled the DNR/LNR forces long ago.

        Guess they're not as enthusiastic for it when the other side can fight back.


        • "Scientific Nationalists"
          (Per Anders Rudling)

          LUND interviewed Per Anders Rudling about the roots that gave rise to the Ukrainian far right within historical mythmaking, initiated by former Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko. Rudling is an associate professor in the Department of History at Lund University. He has published extensively on nationalism, historical culture, and the instrumentalization of history in various East European countries, especially Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania.

 "Glory to the Heroes" has become an important slogan during Kiev's Maidan protests. "Glory to the Heroes" were the first words former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko publicly uttered, after she was released from prison on February 22. Did this surprise you? After all, that slogan was used by Ukrainian Nazi collaborators in the 1940s

          Per Anders Rudling: Not really. Tymoshenko had exclaimed the first part of that slogan, "Glory to Ukraine", even earlier, in 2011 - three times in the courtroom, after having been sentenced to seven years in prison under Yanukovych. Her supporters in the audience responded three times with "Heroiam Slava", "Glory to the Heroes!" I was more surprised that Tymoshenko used it then. I think it is important to remember that she is one of the former Komsomol-affiliated nomenclature, and comes from central Ukraine, a region not known for political radicalism, whether right or left. In addition, she is of Armenian descent and a Russian-speaker. "Slava Ukrainy", "Glory to Ukraine", was the greeting of the OUN, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, and, in 1941, that organization issued instructions that the greeting should be made with the right arm raised, with "the fingertips a little to the right, a little above the top of the head." Similar salutes were used by the Croatian Ustashe, the Hlynka Guard in Slovakia, the Spanish Falangists, and, of course, the Nazis.

          MORE AT LINK...

          I believe, however, that since a number of books and articles based on newly released archive material on the OUN, on Bandera, on the pogroms and the Holocaust and their Nazi collaboration are now being published, it will become increasingly difficult to continue denying historical facts. But it will not be a smooth process. It is unlikely that they will begin anytime soon to dismantle the Bandera, Stetsko and Shukhevych monuments in Western Ukraine. In eastern Ukraine, they are only now - nearly a quarter-century after the demise of the USSR - beginning to take the Lenin monuments down. It may take 30 years for them to remove Bandera from Lviv. But historians can try to initiate a debate on these issues. In Munich's Zeppelinstrasse 67, where Stetsko, the self-proclaimed Ukrainian prime minister (June 30, 1941), who had endorsed "German methods of exterminating Jewry," had lived until his death in 1986, Yushchenko unveiled a large memorial plaque, inscribed in German and Ukrainian, to this outstanding freedom fighter. Perhaps this could be the starting point for such a debate. In Canada, there are monuments to Shukhevych and the veterans of the Waffen-SS Galizien. I think there are good reasons to begin asking questions about these manifestations, both here in Western Europe and in Canada. This is not unique to Ukraine.
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          • It's not everyday that one reads a headline like this in a Israeli daily paper.

            Followed by a Ukrainian response with this in it

            The Ukrainian government has also denied that Israel has armed Ukraine’s neo-Nazi militia the Azov battalion, even after Azov posted a video on its own YouTube channel showing it using unmistakably Israeli weapons.




            • Followed by

              Enno Raschke‏ @erjlem 1h1 hour ago

              Replying to @NuritBaytch @JudgeDan48
              Ukraine bought license manufacturing rights from IMI for the Tavor and Galil rifle, domestically produced as Fort-221 + -227. Those rifles ended up in the hands of Azov volunteers. EI + Blumenthal falsified this into "Israel sells arms to neo-Nazis." Haaretz copied the fake news.


              • Meanwhile, news out of Kiev today includes some possible realism on the Russian and NATO relationships

                Ukraine's Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry considers it necessary to resume joint construction of a nuclear fuel plant in the country with Russia's TVEL. This is discussed in a letter made available to the Kyiv-based Interfax-Ukraine news agency signed by Minister Ihor Nasalyk, which was sent to First Deputy General Director of Rosatom Kirill Komarov. "Taking into account the existing high level of cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, the prospects for increasing cooperation, as well as the need to resume a number of joint projects, in particular, the project to launch TVEL production in Ukraine, we propose holding a meeting in Brussels from July 9 to July 12, the letter says.


                Russia, the EU and Ukraine are planning to hold a trilateral meeting on gas in Berlin on July 17, the Russian Energy Ministry said in a statement. "The key agenda of the talks will be discussion of the terms of transit via Ukrainian territory to European consumers including the duration of transit agreements between Gazprom (MOEX: GAZP) and Naftogaz of Ukraine," the statement said.


                NATO will not yet offer Ukraine a program of enhanced capabilities, but will continue its support, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said.


                Looks like the IMF's demands for higher gas prices are continuing to and will bite ever harder into consumer's budgets

                Ukraine's Ministry of Economic Development and Trade forecasts an increase by 18% in the marginal retail gas prices for households in 2018 (December 2018 over December 2017), which is mentioned in a draft government decree on the forecast of social and economic development for 2019-2021. The document says the gas price for the population may increase by 5-8% in 2019 (depending on the scenario), by 14% in 2020, and it will remain unchanged in 2021.
                Retail power rates for households, according to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, will not change in 2018 (December to December), but they are expected to grow by 25% annually in 2019-2021. According to the ministry's estimates, retail power rates for industrial enterprises in 2018 will increase by 16%, and further by 10% every year in 2019-2021.



                • Originally posted by TheKiwi View Post

                  Reminder guys, using non-English languages to get around the no-personal-insults rule is frowned upon.
                  I'm sorry, but it's simply funny, no insults
                  The first part can be translated as Glory Ukraine
                  and the second part can't be translated at all. It sounds similar to Death to enemies.
                  This is a well known mem.


                  • another dust up in Kiev

                    google translate
                    Fire-fighters were burning at the Cabinet, but there are no clashes
                    Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 13:21

                    "Just smoke checkers were thrown at the Cabinet building, according to activists, it's a provocation from the security forces," the statement said.

                    It is noted that the protesters under the Cabinet require that Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman leave for them, they chant: "Shame", "Groisman, go out to the people".

                    Also, the car brought tires to the Cabinet.

                    According to the organizers of the action, there are no plans to set fire on fire, but in case of ignoring the requirements, "they will proceed to more radical methods".

                    The police in Kiev reported that the government block was reinforced, the clashes have not been recorded.

                    "Due to planned mass events in the center of Kiev, the number of police officers and servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine is being monitored by order. Depending on the operational situation, the number of law-enforcers may change," the statement reads.

                    It is noted that approximately 2,000 people are rallying under the Cabinet, and 2.5 thousand are under the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

                    "Currently there are no provocations and clashes," police said.

                    Law enforcers urge participants in mass actions to comply with the law and not violate public order.

                    As it was reported, from the morning of July 11, the entire center of Kiev suffers from traffic jams through a motorists action.

                    Owners of cars with a foreign registration, which are rallying in the center of Kiev, require the abolition of the Cabinet of Ministers resolution No. 475 and the draft laws of the Verkhovna Rada on the agenda №8487 and №8488.

                    On June 15, two bills on the registration of cars in foreign countries were drawn up by the Parliament, which were developed by the Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy.

                    They provide for a reduction of customs duties on registration of cars on the euro-meters (reduction of the excise tax on cars), the lifting of the ban on the customs clearance of cars that do not comply with Euro-5 standards.

                    Among other things, the bills are about strengthening control over the movement and presence of vehicles in Ukraine on a foreign registration.

                    According to the chairman of the parliamentary committee on tax and customs policy Nina Yuzhanina, if the Verkhovna Rada will support amendments to the legislation on the reduction of excise taxes on transport, then the customs clearance of the car on the euro-meters will cost 2,5-3 thousand euros.
                    Irina Balachuk, UP


                    • Yesterday marks 4 years since the death of 6 serviceman of the Ukrainian Border Guard, murdered by the Russian regular army. In the early morning of 11 July 2014 artillery units located in Russia fired a rocket barrage against their position near the village of Zelenopillya, about 9 km from the border. Here are the people, with their names and faces:


                      edit: the total number of casualties from this one separate attack is 36 people. I'm actually staring to remember how the Russian keyboard warriors openly bragged about this killing.
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                      • Originally posted by nemipuka View Post
                        Yesterday marks 4 years since the death of 6 serviceman of the Ukrainian Border Guard, murdered by the Russian regular army. In the early morning of 11 July 2014 artillery units located in Russia fired a rocket barrage against their position near the village of Zelenopillya, about 9 km from the border. Here are the victims of this one separate attack, with their names and faces:

                        You have a source for this?

                        I don't recall anything about the Russian military attacking Ukrainian border guard posts. It was about that point in the conflict that the DNR/LNR were taking over border guard posts; but typically they tried to surround them and get them to surrender.

                        And in terms of artillery attacks on Ukrainian loyalist forces, it's hard to say whether they came from the DNR/LNRs own artillery units or Russian regular artillery units over the border like the Ukrainians claim; there is little in the way of evidence to prove/disprove that notion. However in any case such artillery strikes wouldn't come until later, by the time the Ukrainian regular army were making deep incursions and trying to wrest control over the border with Russia.

                        In any case RIP. Border guards were literally between a rock and a hard place. They didn't come to pacify any uprisings with force, their duty was to keep monitoring/defending the border and that by default put them on the side of Kiev; they were just in the way of the rebels.


                        • Wounded Ukrainian soldiers recovering in a Polish spa. The soldiers speak Ukrainian and Russian. There are Polish subtitles.


                          • In the center of Kiev - a fight: the People's Deputy, the Minister and the head of the Miners' Union (the video) 11:21, July 13, 2018
                            (google translate is not the best)

                            No official commentary on the incident involving the head of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry yet. Nasalik has not yet commented on the incident /
                            Nasalik has not yet commented on the incident /
                            Screenshot In the center of Kiev,
                            Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Igor Nasalik and People's Deputy Sergei Shakhov arranged a clash near the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry. The conflict was also interfered by the head of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine Mykhaylo Volynets, reports TSN.
                            Read also
                            Most miners went from under the Ministry of Energy, but left the regular on the night of the video conflict on his Facebook page published Volynets, on which the police make a protocol. As can be seen from the video, the miners stopped the auto minister, and after the verbal conflict between them began a shovel.
                            The head of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine also joined the fight, dragging the minister behind the collar of the shirt, however, law enforcement officers defused the men.
                            The police in Kiev were not able to comment on the conflict at this time. The ministry headed by Nasalik also told reporters that they were "unauthorized to comment on this event."
                            Fighting in Kyiv with Nasalik As UNIAN reported, on July 12, dozens of coal miners, whom the state owes over 1.1 billion UAH of wages, gathered for a rally under the building of the Ministry of Energy and Coal with the requirement to send the Minister of Energy Igor Nasalik to resign.

                            Read more on UNIAN:

                            Again google translate not the best. Another protest about car registration.

                            Near the Council the car again shot down the "Eurobiller"
                            Friday, July 13, 2018, 12:44

                            The incident happened again at the Verkhovna Rada: the motorcycle participant with the euro-engineers shot down the car.

                            This is reported by the correspondent of the Ukrainian Truth.

                            The man traversed the road in an unspecified place. He was hit by a NISSAN Micra car with a woman driving. According to preliminary signs, the victim received an open fracture. The men are assisted by the National Guard.

                            Meanwhile, participants roll off the protest rally.

                            "We have been there for three days now, so it's just like wives to wash in a warm bath", - said the man who introduced himself to Oleg.

                            The correspondent of the UF reports that the participants of the action make the "auto Euro force" flags, leaving the area of ​​the Constitution near the parliament, and cars free the street Hrushevsky.

                            As it was reported, on July 13, people's deputies voted on the basis of bills, which will allow to reduce excise taxes on customs clearance of cars and increase the responsibility for the use of unclean cars.

                            On July 12, in the center of Kiev, an off-road vehicle of People's Deputy Pavel Pynzenyk came to one of the participants in the campaign of car owners for euro rooms that blocked travel around the Verkhovna Rada.
                            Roman Kravets, Valentina Romanenko, UP



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                              Hug: We want and hope for peace but the facts tell otherwise: weapons in place, mines in ground and no disengagement are like tinder waiting for a spark that can set off a bushfire. Already signs show recommitment is fading Ukraine Ukrainecrisis

                              Hug: Despite less violence, mines threaten civilians and proximity of forces and formations threaten fragile relative calm. Where there is little distance separating the sides on the ground, there is little difference between the calm and the storm that follows Ukraine

                              Hug: 1,200 ceasefire violations recorded last week, as root causes of violence still exist, namely presence of proscribed weapons; 42 weapons in violation of agreed withdrawal lines – 26 in non-gov-ctrl and 16 in gov-ctrl areas

                              Hug: Improved security situation in e Ukraine last week with 85% fewer ceasefire violations – with ZeroCiviliianCasualties – following recommitment to ceasefire Ukrainecrisis


                              • “Liberated?” A Report From Village Reclaimed by Ukrainian Army
                                19 June, 2018


                                The village Pivdenne (which incorporates the hamlet Chyhari) was recaptured by the Ukrainian Army in early May. It lies a mere 1.5 kilometers from occupied Horlivka and has long been in the “gray zone” – territory not fully controlled by the Ukrainian government or Russia-led separatists.

                                For the past four years, Pivdenne has been under fire, but only this May did villagers begin fleeing. In the past several weeks, 11 buildings have been destroyed by shelling.

                                When the Ukrainian army arrived, there were no Russia-backed separatists in the village, but Pivdenne was still declared liberated. It is now controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

                                At the time of writing*, Chyhari – which is a part of Pivdenne – is inaccessible by car. You can only get there by foot, and only if you’re a resident. Journalists must have a military escort.

                                The OSCE mission has arranged for a three-hour ceasefire so there is no shelling. During this interval, the army has allowed residents to enter by car and take their belongings. Those who left Pivdenne in the past month or want to leave now are loading small trailers with their things: rugs, washing machines, clothing, dishes.

                                Every third building in Pivdenne is in ruins, Donetsk region, June 7, 2018. Photo: Oleksandr Kokhan / Hromadske

                                Zarichna Street is deserted: every third building is ruined and smells burnt. Smoke rises from one of the ruins, which means a shell hit this house quite recently. There are no people around, which is rather unsettling. In the distance, we hear the sound of automatic fire. While our army escorts are unloading food (they’ve settled into some abandoned houses), we go look for any residents who are still here.
                                read more at link...

                                From Pivdenne, people leave for either Ukraine-controlled Toretsk or occupied Horlivka. There they rely on help from volunteers and aid organizations. The charitable foundation Prolisok is assisting people who have fled Pivdenne. Since the beginning of May, they say, they’ve been working as intensely as in 2015. They’ve already taken in 25 families. The families receive bedding, guidance in registering as internally displaced people and applying for social assistance, and 4,000 hryvnias (about $150) for each family member.