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Marines’ mixing of men and women in combat experiment gets mixed results

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    Originally posted by Lord Helmet View Post
    I saw a couple of females at one of our company outposts during my 2010 Helmand tour, they were lesbians apparently so nothing crazy happened there. One was a total babe, it was hard not to stare. I ran into her years later at a bar and found out she married another woman. On my second tour in 2012 I saw two females from a female engagement team again at a company outpost. One turned out to be banging one of the EOD guys, it was pretty obvious they had something going on and it was kind of awkward in my opinion.

    None of the females I ever got to be around really helped much, in fact we always had to dedicate a security element for them and make sure they were in the rear of our forces when doing dismounted operations or any clearing operation. Hopefully my experiences are not the common denominator.
    It's can second that, in the end the unit is more busy with them then their own job.
    After adjusting the already lowerd standards, that a couple of times over any individual could join...the SAS...


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      From a few months ago, however an interesting article. Shocking! That droves of women are not pouring into the 'Corp to serve in the Infantry, Armor or Artillery? Who would have thought!?

      Perception is one thing, reality another!

      Two years after the Defense Department ordered the Marine Corps to open all combat arms career fields to women, less than 100 women have successfully entered those previously male-only jobs.

      A total of 92 women are operating in a multitude of combat billets across the Corps, from rifleman to armored reconnaissance to combat engineers.

      NEEDED: MORE WOMEN (oh, really?)

      Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Robert B. Neller said in late January he wanted to grow the number women in the entire Marine Corps to 10 percent, up from today’s 8 percent female force. That would likely boost the number of women in the combat arms.

      H17; Uh, how are you going to do that? Gender-specific bonus? If someone has no interest in serving in the infantry, armor, or as a scout, then what incentive are you going to give to lure them? Whatever you do, they still have to pass entrance requirements and stay fit enough to serve in that billet.

      As I stated a few years back (before this 'train' left the station) most women serving now have no interest in front-line specialties, nor those who will enlist or commission in the future. (which this proves the TV talking heads wrong)

      As it stands now (by this article) 99.9% have no interest in serving in the infantry, armor, or scout, in which case, upon completion of their enlistment or resigning of commission, what civilian-sector occupation will they find? Serving in front-line billets has some aspects of team building, leadership forging, task accomplishment, etc. However does not certify an individual in the hiring process of todays private-sector market. Which Cyber, Medical, Dental, Transportation, and Communications do.

      The Marines Corps’ culture also has more intangible barriers to female integration, including a tightly-knit social fabric that values comradery and brotherhood amongst male Marines at the expense and sidelining of women, said Nora Bensahel, an expert on defense at American University.

      H'17 well, imagine that! A military unit, front-line formation that is to close with and kill the enemy (with bare hands, if need be!) no matter the weather, terrain, lack of sleep, food or water. And this group is suppose to be something else!? Like, what? A US college campus!? Seriously! Clearly Nora Bensahel has no idea why the US Marine Corp exists in the first place nor the 'culture' that develops from the enviroment it has to operate within.

      “The entire culture of the Marine Corps is a hyper-masculine culture,” said Bensahel.

      H'17, true. What is better then, the opposite? A hyper-feminine culture? I mean really... the rest of the article after this is so fairy tale in its suspension of reality, I wont spend time commenting on the nonsense printed.
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        Welcome back - nice to see you haven't lost your laser focus...


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          Originally posted by Royal View Post
          Welcome back - nice to see you haven't lost your laser focus...
          Funniest thing I've read here in ages!


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            Originally posted by Royal View Post
            Welcome back - nice to see you haven't lost your laser focus...
            Thank you sir.

            I would say my focus is no different than other members on here who have dozens of threads on President Trump, most of those being Anti-Trump in nature.

            Well, clearly no one in the previous administration (or at the Pentagon then) knew that women typically are not 5'10 - 6'2, weighting 170+ pounds...and in order to rectify this problem more tax $ has to be spent to equip say, 0.1 % of the force?


            As more women join combat-coded units, they are finding that there’s not enough properly-fitted equipment or armor there to support them, defense appropriators told Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford Wednesday. Since 2016, women have been able to join all combat units, and in the Army alone, more than 600 have joined since that ban was lifted.
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              A female Marine will get a second crack at Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command in January.

              In September, the Marine corporal completed the first phase of MARSOC training but she did not score high enough to advance further, said command spokesman Maj. Nick Mannweiler. She is the second female Marine to attempt the training since all military occupational specialties were opened to women.


              Now that the Corps has a new female dress blue coat it plans to shelve the old one.

              In a message to the force posted on Thursday, the Corps said the female dress blue coat with white shirt and necktab would become “obsolete” by Sept. 30, 2022.

              Then-Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus supported a more gender-neutral uniform and said he wanted uniforms that "don’t divide us as male or female, but rather unite us as sailors or Marines.” Heaven forbid we differentiate men from women!