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    Originally posted by The Dane View Post
    U.S. Army unprepared to deal with Russia in Europe
    A self-assessment by the 173rd Airborne Brigade is called ‘a real eye-opener’ to how some critical capabilities to deter Russia have eroded.
    Paratroopers unequipped to fight a tank heavy army?

    Color me shocked


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      Originally posted by DTA View Post
      in russian forums this photo rising many questions

      original link

      What's purpose of wooden pins ?

      And the main is it normal to have bottle of water so close to сonsole?
      hanging up Laundry of course


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        Soldier killed in Somalia.

        The Pentagon on Saturday released the name of the special operations soldier killed in an attack in Somalia.

        Staff Sgt. Alexander Conrad, 26, was assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group. He was killed by enemy indirect fire, according to the Pentagon announcement.

        *read the article, SSG Conrad was serving in an Intelligence specialty assigned to the Special Forces Group. (he was not a Green Beret)


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          The Army asked and commercial gunmakers answered. There are now 10 submachine guns that have been submitted to fulfill an Army request.

          The aim of the Army’s request for information is not to outfit every soldier with a subgun but to have an option for soldiers who might need this type of weapon for personal protection and specific mission sets.


          It's official: Soldiers will now receive up to 12 weeks of maternity leave after giving birth. That's more than double the Army's previous policy, which gave female soldiers six weeks of post-pregnancy convalescent leave.

          What remains unchanged are how much time new mothers have before they are deployable again and the Army's rules for new fathers. New mothers are still non-deployable for up to six months.


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            US Army inks $193 million deal to buy Israeli tank defense system

            The TROPHY system, in use since 2011, will be supplied by an American company that partnered with Israel's Rafael arms manufacturer



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              Boeing has won a $140 million contract to supply four MH-47G Block II Chinook helicopters to the US Army's Special Operations Aviation Command


              This starts the Block II production run, which is expected to continue into the late 2020s, says Boeing.


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                Zichrono Levracha


                Hundreds in Georgia mourn Jewish soldier killed in Afghanistan

                'He died as he lived… as a hero,' Savannah Jewish groups say of Army Ranger Christopher Andrew Celiz, who is posthumously awarded the Purple Heart