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Foreign submarine wreck found in Swedish waters

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    It wouldn't be unprecedented, Hunley was raised and so was Kursk. As wargrave, the wreck is protected against scavaging (there were exceptions) and salvaging (again, there were exceptions).


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      Mystery wreckage off Sweden’s coast a Russian Imperial Navy submarine that sank in 1916 with 18 crew

      This week, the Swedish authorities said they had solved the mystery: The vessel was an imperial submarine — nicknamed a Catfish — that had probably sunk after colliding with a Swedish vessel in 1916, during World War I.


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        They apparently tried to sell photos and videos to the media for some pretty hefty prices at first. Danish DR (state broadcaster) reports that when the news broke, "Ocean X-Team" offered DR unique material, generously priced at 10,000 SEK (~$1160 US) per still-image, and a whooping 35,000 SEK (~$4050 US) for 10 seconds of motion footage.

        The same Danish article says that others involved with the expedition say that the Swedes were indeed perfectly onboard with the fact that it was the "Som" they were looking for from the very beginning.

        Also, Swedish regional newspaper NT provides some more insight:

        They say that the "Ocean X-Team" have provided information that the wreckage was found right where that now-infamous 2014 forum post said it would be, again contradicting earlier statements by "Ocean X-Team" where the claimed that they didn't expect it there based on what "little" they knew about it etc.

        Originally posted by Moose View Post
        I wonder how much damage they have already done to the submarine. Thankfully they have no claim on it so hopefully it will stay as a final resting place for the ones who perished in it.

        Alternatively perhaps a joint Swedish Russian salvage would be a good step in improving relations (naturally conducted on state level)
        I don't think they have damaged it. They are professional and highly experienced divers that have been in the business for decades, and evidently they know what they're doing down there, handling mega-expensive ROV equipment, sonar equipment and what not. It's just that their attitude towards PR reeks of unprofessionalism and attention-seeking, and they can't handle their finances.


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          New, better quality photos:


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            I wonder what they will do. Can Russia ask for it to be exhumed?


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              Originally posted by Ivan le Fou View Post

              I wonder what they will do. Can Russia ask for it to be exhumed?
              Some Russians have expressed interest in it, since it's so old yet well-preserved, representing an era of Russian naval history that's so far really been lacking in tangible remains, and thus it could do really well in a museum. One curator said that as long as it can be declared legal under general jurisdiction as applied here, he's willing to oversee the standard guidelines regarding "maritime war graves" simply because it's such a unique find and a unique opportunity.

              One of the wreck hunters who participated in this mission is closely connected to a Russian naval museum. This was obviously no chance encounter (though the bullshitty Swedes apparently still continue to claim they were ignorant about it all, despite all the things I mentioned earlier, and the fact that the Icelandic expedition boss Kristján Eldjárn Jóhannesson has repeatedly stressed that the whole point of the expedition was from the very beginning to find the "Som", that the Swedes were briefed about it all from the very beginning as they were asked to aid the expedition and that it was no secret that the Russian guys joined the expedition with that explicit goal in mind, providing further archival data towards that very end).

              Originally posted by AurimasLT View Post
              Yeah... "СОМЪ" in great big letters all over the damn thing. And somehow they "missed this" I guess... And this while some random Twitter OSINTers nailed it down on the Ъ alone, 45 minutes after the first blurry shots were released (I wonder how much paid for those shots... See above...).

              Sigh. Just sigh.