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  • It is a voluntary national defence organisation, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defence. It is conidered paramilitary as the members are not fulltime regulars, but volunteers like in the British Territorial Army or the US National Guard with civilian jobs on the side, and as such very much part of the Estonian Defence Forces as one of the four main branches (the others being the Army, Navy and Air Force). The order of battle is mostly light infantry are also equipped with Galil or G3 assault rifles with support weapons including mortars and anti-tank weapons.

    It is trained either by military regulars, former regulars that have left active service or volunteering civilian experts part of the organization (trauma nurses giving first aid training and such). The commander of the Organization is also a serving Colonel or General.


    • Estonians and US Army 173. Paratroopers in urban setting:

      Kalev InfBn shooting guns:

      Those "shooting camps" are highlight of the service for sure, several days of action, company-sized drills with live ammo... but EDF combat camera sucks as always and snaps mediocre pictures of blank training. Good job, J-1.


      • From the thumbnail, it almost appeared that this gentleman was on fire


        • Originally posted by thanamestolga View Post
          From the thumbnail, it almost appeared that this gentleman was on fire

          I wonder if it's the cold weather/high pressure that makes the backblast flame bigger, much less impressive usually.


          • Cool stuff.


            • The Estonian soldiers still uses the Type 56-2.Or only the reserve soldiers.


              • Where did you get that picture from? This is early 2000s if not earlier, Type 56 was a quick fix rifle and got phased away quickly when we bought Galils from Israel somewhere in 95/96'.


                • Haven't been posting for long... time to stop being lazy.

                  New legislation was introduced recently that allows for snap drills to be conducted, reservists can be notified to assemble just 24 hours prior to the exercise. One such drill was already conducted.

                  Muricans build more infrastructure in Tapa:

                  President Kaljulaid visits places,

                  and has a great time riding CVs in Tapa:

                  also meets Luftwaffe in Ă„mari:

                  Some pictures from NAK march (squad leader course grande finale):

                  In Kalev and Scout:
                  In Kuperjanov:

                  Artillery Bn 155mm howitzer LIVEX:


                  Also, ESPLA-22 is now in Lebanon while ESTPLA-21 safely returned home.


                  • 173. Airborne tries out skiing:


                    EML "Admiral Cowan" is off to Belgium for Mine Countermeasure Group 1 training.


                    BTW, I was wrong. Conscripts do sail with our ships even abroad. Pretty cool.


                    • with more funds made available to defense and the growth of conscription, has the SOF been enlarged or are there plans for it to be?