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  • Originally posted by IDF_TANKER View Post
    Ok, now that’s just awkward. We’ve already said goodbyes and it’s still here...

    sign up to, there is a photo thread of the IDF,


    • Originally posted by Mike1976 View Post
      Sad to see this place go.

      I always enjoyed the Archeology thread and others on pre-modern history the most. Insightful contributions by people like Stonecutter , commanding , Mokordo and blackcatnursery among others.

      Thanks and see you around on anything but social media
      I am not sure if we can have an archeology thread on MI net - but I was always interested in what they had found - have you seen the teenage t-rex for sale on ebay?


      • Mi.Net does not have an Archaeology thread per se but we do have a tag for that see below example thread

        I could easily create a thread prefix and a forum to accommodate as many threads on the subject as you see fit to create.

        we also have some photos in the media area see here (links only to preserve the rules)

        To be clear though, you post anything you want as long as its in the right place
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        • Well thats was easy enough