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  • Situation in Yemen

    Saudi suspends its air campaign in Yemen
    Saudi Arabia has announced the end of its air campaign in Yemen, stating that the Houthi rebel movement no longer posed a threat to civilians and that a Saudi-led coalition would begin a new phase aimed at rebuilding the country.

    Caused by Yemen Internal Issues
    Caused by Saudi Intervention
    Caused by Iran Intervention
    Caused by American Conspiracy
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    Indonesia condemns bombing of embassy in Yemen

    Indonesia condemed air strikes on the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Monday that severely damaged buildings across the city, including the Indonesian embassy.

    Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi said the embassy building and diplomatic vehicles were heavily damaged and several staff were injured.

    “Thank God there weren’t any fatalities. However, two of our diplomatic staff and one other, an Indonesian citizen, suffered minor injuries,” Retno said on the sidelines of the Asian-African Conference in Jakarta, on Monday. - See more at:


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      (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday it was ending a month-long campaign of air strikes against the Houthi rebels who seized large areas of Yemen and said it would back a political solution to bring peace to its war-ravaged neighbor.
      Hopefully hostilities come to an end. But my guess is given the political instability inherent in Yemen it probably won't. There is still fighting going on as of now.


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        Even if the Saudis stop the strikes it won't stop the fighting. Al-qaida made some gains recently so their battle with the Houthis will undoubtedly escalate.


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          Pictures From Saudi/Yemen Border


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            Saudi Arabia resumes airstrikes in Yemen

            (CNN)Saudi Arabia resumed airstrikes in Yemen on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after announcing the end of its "Operation Decisive Storm," a nearly month-long campaign against Houthi positions.


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              Originally posted by AM_22 View Post
              Pictures From Saudi/Yemen Border

              See we can still make this a picture forum, we just got to link to somewhere else.

              Thanks AM_22 for the links


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                Regarding the poll , i think its saudis fault , their actions have risen dramatically the deaths of average citizens , im not saying they dont have their own justifications but definitely their priorities where faulted , if we see rise of al Qaeda footholds by the result of huthis demise then we know at who to point finger ...just saying .


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                  I think this situation is getting worse not better, even with the news that the air portion is limited


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                    reu-ters: Houthis free Yemen's defense minister: sources



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                      PBS Frontline Documentary:

                      Interesting documentary its gets different sides of the war Sunni Tribes, Houthis, and Al Qaeda.

                      The hypocracy on both sides of this fight is astonishing.


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                        Iran warned over 'rebel arms' cargo
                        America's defence secretary fears Iranian ships heading towards war-torn Yemen may be carrying advanced weapons for the Houthi rebels - and says moving a US aircraft carrier to the region gives the president options.

                        Making his first public remarks on the Iranian cargo ships, Ash Carter was not prepared to say whether the US would be willing to forcibly stop and board one of the Iranian ships if it tried to cross into Yemen.
                        "We have options," he said when asked about the boardings. "We're not at that point. We're at the point of trying to get the parties back to the table."

                        rest of article:


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                          Saleh reportedly leaves Yemen, location unknown

                          Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has left Yemen early Wednesday and an official announcement...


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                            Saudi-led coalition jets hit Yemen targets two days after announcing an end to air strikes

                            Sanaa (AFP) - Saudi-led coalition warplanes struck several Yemeni rebel positions in fresh raids overnight, witnesses said Thursday, two days after the alliance announced an end to its month-long aerial campaign.

                            The raids hit rebel positions close to the capital Sanaa, around the third city Taez, and in the central town of Yarim, the witnesses said.



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                              [QUOTE=AM_22;n4641]Saleh reportedly leaves Yemen, location unknown

                              Weird, why would Saleh leave? The Houthis has the upper hand right now