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Was George "Buzz" Beurling murdered?

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  • Was George "Buzz" Beurling murdered?

    Buzz Beurling wiki page:


    Death of WWII flying ace Buzz Beurling still a mystery

    At the end of the Second World War his was virtually a household name — a hero among heroes.

    Today he’s largely forgotten, partly because he was uncomfortable in a hero’s role, but mostly because he died in a plane crash in 1948, at age 27 — a plane crash that invoked suggestions of sabotage. Read on.


    Beurling was also a casualty of the war — unable to fit into to civilian life after the adrenaline flow of combat. In 1948 he suddenly was a public — and controversial — figure again, having volunteered to fly P-51 Mustangs for Israel in its war for independence. The Canadian government disapproved of what they saw as a mercenary gesture. (Really it was his thirst for battle, and escape from boredom).

    The British were even more upset, because in those early days Britain was pledged to the Arab cause (Balfour Agreement and all that). British troops were actually fighting in Israel against those they felt were Israeli terrorists.


    Robert Gandt in his new book on IAF MACHAL volunteers, Angels In The Sky, makes the claim that Beurling's Noorduyn Norseman plane was sabotaged by a British agent.


    Note. Another WWII hero, Leonard Cohen, was also killed in the crash of the Norseman.

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    Knowing very little on the story I can however note one basic flaw in it:

    but what is known is that Buzz Beurling was too capable a pilot to make a landing mistake.
    Plenty of VERY capable people have made mistakes in their relevant competency, even in the most basic of tasks..... Indeed a certain measure of 'comfort' and confidence in doing those very basic things can lead to such mistakes. For a pilot a first time might be all it takes