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    Hi to all,

    This topic is for sharing and discussing the recent informations about events and devolopents of the Turkish Armed Forces and law-enforcement units. Please read the topic properly before to post something new to you and stay away from inappropriate languange and be respectful. Thank you all...

    Turkish Armed Forces- Official Site (in English)

    Turkish Land Forces- Official Site (in English)

    Turkish Air Forces- Official Site (in English)

    Turkish Naval Forces- Official Site (in English)

    Turkish Gendarimerie- Official Site (in English)

    Turkish Coast Guard- Official Site (in English)

    Turkish National Police- Official Site (in English)

    Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (in English)

    Turkish Armed Forces- Flickr

    Turkish Armed Forces- Youtube

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    Rumors say Turkish Armed Forces launched operation againist PKK in South Eastern Turkey last night.


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      Hi again

      I'm starting to add detailed ınventroy of the Turkish Armed Forces. The sources I used some proper magazines (like Defense & Aviation MSI, Jane's..) official authorities in TAF and MOD and Internet databases like SIPRI . I hope It's ok . So It's not looking like the wikipedia sites or something like that...

      I am starting with the Infantry weapons list:

      Service Pistols:
      -Beretta 92_____________(Using by Army, Gendarmerie and Police forces. Mostly locally produced variants)
      -CZ-75________________(Using by Army, Navy and Air Forces. Mostly locally produced variants)
      -Browning Hi-Power______(Using by Police Forces)
      -Canik 55______________(Using by Police forces. Also It won the bid of Navy)
      -Glock 17/19___________(Using by Police, Gendarmerie and Army SF units)
      -HK USP_______________(Using by Arm SAR unit)
      -SIG P226______________(Using by Army and Navy SF units)
      -SIG P229______________(Using by presidential guards and Army SF units)

      Sub-Machine Guns:
      -HK MP5 variants________(Standart SMG of Turkish Armed Forces and Police Units. Produced by MKEK)
      -IMI Mini/ Micro Uzi______(Using by Army and Police SF units)
      -FN P90________________(Using by Gendarmerie SF units)

      Assault Rifles:
      -MKEK MPT-76________(New standart service rifle. Serial production is started. Total 50.000 rifles are going to deliver in this year)
      -HK G3A3/G3A4________(Standart service rifle of the Turkish Armed Forces, produced by MKEK between 1967 to 1985. Replacing by MPT-76 rifles)
      -HK-33E______________(Using by army commandos, gendarimere troops, gendarimerie SOF units, marines, paratroopers, ISAF/KFOR, UN forces and mechanized troops. Produced by MKEK)
      -HK G41______________(Using by Gendarmerie troops in limited numbers
      -HK 416A5____________(Using by Army and Gendarmerie SF units)
      -HK417A2____________(Using by Gendarmerie and Police SF units)
      -AK-47/AKM__________(Using by Gendarmerie, Police forces and the other local law-enforcement units in limited numbers. Most of them are donated from Germany)
      -Colt M16A1/A2_______(Using by Police forces and commando units, mostly scrapped out)
      -Colt M4A1___________(Using by Police forces, presidential guards, Navy and Air Force SF units)
      -SIG516______________(Using by Police SF unit)
      -SIG556______________(Using by presidential guards)
      -IWI Galil MAR/SAR____(Using by Army, Gendarmerie and Police SF units)
      -IWI TAR-21 Tavor______(Using by Army SF units)

      Machine Guns:
      -Rheinmetall MG3______(Standart machine gun of the Turkish Armed Forces. Produces by MKEK)
      -PKM________________(Using by Commando unit, gendarmerie troops, Police forces and local law-enforcement forces. Mostly bought from Germany, Romania and China)
      -HK23E_______________(Using by Gendarmerie in limited numbers)
      -FN Minimi Mk1/Mk2____(Using by Army and Navy SF units)
      -FN MAG______________(Using as door gun in Cougar helicopters of the Air Force and Rafael Weapon Station on Otokar Cobra and Akrep APCs)
      -USO M60_____________(Using by Naval Forces)

      DMR / Sniper Rifles:
      -SVD Dragunov/PSL_____(Using as standard DMR of the Army and gendarmerie)
      -HK G28______________(Using by Gendarmerie SF units)
      -KAC M110 SASS_______(Using by Army Commando and units)
      -KAC SR-25___________(Using by Gendarmerie SF units)
      -ArmaLite M15A4(T)_____(Using by Gendarmerie SF units
      -IMI Galatz____________(Using by police and gendarmerie SF units)
      -MKEK JNG90_________(Using as standart sniper rifle of the Gendarmerie)
      -SIG sauer SSG 3000_____(Using by Navy SF units)
      -Steyr SSG69___________(Using by Police SF units)
      -Steyr SSG08___________(Using by Police SF units)
      -Accuracy L115 AWM____(Using as standart sniper rifle of the army .338 LM variants)
      -Accuracy L115 AWM____(Using by Gendarmerie troops .300 WM variants)
      -Sako TRG42___________(Using by Army SF units)
      -CheyTac M200_________(Using by Army SF units)
      -Phoenix Robar RC50____(Using by commando forces)
      -Barrett M82/M82A1_____(Using by Army/Navy/Air Force and Police SF units)
      -Barrett M95____________(Using by Navy SF units)

      Anti-Tank Missile/Rockets:
      -M72A5 LAW___________(Standart anti-tank rocket of the Turkish Army, producing by MKEK & Roketsan)
      -RPG7_________________(Standart anti-personnal rocket of the Turkish Army)
      -MBDA ERYX___________(600 launchers with 4.000 missiles, launchers and missiles are producing by MKEK)
      -MBDA MILAN I/II_______(687+ launchers with 11.250+ missiles)
      -BGM-71 TOW__________(460+ launcher with 12.000+ missiles)
      -AT-14 Kornet___________(80 launchers with 800 missiles. Modified by aselsan made improved thermal sights)
      -AT-5 Konkurs___________(74 launchers with 420 missiles. Using by Cyprus Peace Forces)

      Grenade Launchers:
      -MKEK 40mm_________(Used as standart GL of the Army. MKEK version of Milkor MGL)
      -MKEK T40___________(Using with HK33 and HKG3 assault rifles)
      -HK79_______________(Using with HKG3 and HK G41 assault rifles)
      -HK69_______________(Using by gendarmerie troops)
      -HK AG36____________(Using with Hk416A5 assaut rifles)
      -M203_______________(Using with M16/M4A1 and SIG516 assault rifles)
      -M79________________(Using by Navy SF units)

      Heavy Machine Guns/ Auto Grenade Launchers:
      -Browning M2HB_______(Mostly produced by MKEK)
      -Browning M1919A4/A6_(Using as co-axial mg on M60/M48 series tanks , an also some army control stations in eastern parts of Turkey)
      -DShK________________(Captured weapons from terrorist. Mostly used on police stations and local villiage guard positions)
      -Mark 19______________(Produced by MKEK)
      -AGS-17______________(Using by Cyprus Peace Forces)


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        Main Battle Tanks:
        -Leopard 2A4_________(354 units, bought from Germany as second hand. Going to modernize with aselsan NG upgrade programme)
        -Leopard 1T___________(171 units, modernized by aselsan with 3rd gen optics, stabilizers and fire&control systems)
        -Leopard 1A3T1_______(184 units, most of them are converting to leguan and combat engineering vehicles)
        -M60T Sabra__________(170 units, modernized by IWI & Elbit systems)
        -M60A3 TTS Patton_____(650 units)
        -M48A5T2 Patton_______(758 units, modernized with M60A3 level thermal sights, passive IR, fire&control sytems, new MTU diesel egine and tracks and MKEK made 105mm gun during the 90's)

        -FNSS ACV-300 IFV___(650 vehicles, armed with Bushmaster 25mm autocannons +7.62mm MG3 machine guns )
        -FNSS ACV-300 APC__(1.381 vehicles, armed with 12.7mm M2HB machine gusn or 40mm Mk19 grenade launcher turrets)
        -FNSS ACV-300 TUA__(48 vehicles, armed with armoured remote controlled double barrel TOW missile launchers +12.7mm M2HB machine gun)
        -FNSS ACV-300 ZHA__(170 vehicles, armed with 81mm mortars +12.7mm M2HB machine guns)
        -FNSS M113T2_______(2.500+ vehicles, modernized with new diesel engines, track and transmission organs, radio equipment and NBC gear by FNSS)
        -FNSS M113 T2 TOW__(156 vehicles, equipped with TOW missiles, modernized with new diesel engines, track and transmission organs, radio equipment and NBC gear by FNSS)
        -BTR 80____________(180 vehicles, donated by Russia, modernized with new thermal sights by aselsan, used as defence role in some army stations in southern parts of Turkey)
        -Otokar ARMA 6x6____(?, using by gendarmerie in limited numbers for evaluation)
        -BMC Kirpi MRAP____(614 vehicles, all of them delivered in 2015)
        -Otokar Cobra________(1.219+ vehicles, the orderes are still continuing)
        -Otokar APC_________(500+ vehicles, mostly using by police and gendarmerie)
        -Otokar Akrep________(260+ vehicles, modified by rafael remote controlled weapon stations)
        -Commando V150_____(124 vehicles, equipped with 12.7mm M2HB machine gun +40mm Mk19 grenade launcher same as AAV7, using by police forces)
        -Dragon Patroller 2_____(230 vehicles, equipped with 12.7mm M2HB machine gun +40mm Mk19 grenade launcher same as AAV7, using by police forces)

        Towed Howitzers:
        -MKEK T155 Panter___(255 units, +400 going to be ordered)
        -M114 A1/A2________(538 units)
        -M101 A1___________(830 units, going to repraced by MKEK 105mm howitzers)
        -M116______________(180 units, using by paratroopers and commando forces)

        Self Propelled Howitzers:
        -T155 Fırtına_________(271 units +79 more vehicles are goin to delivered with the 71 units of "Poyraz" ammunition resupply vehicle)
        -M52T______________(362 units, modernized with 155mm L39 cannons, new diesel engines and transmission organs, radios, fire&control systems and armor during the 90s)
        -M44T______________(164 units, modernized with 155mm L39 cannons, new diesel engines and transmission organs, radios, fire&control systems and armor during the 90s)
        -M110A2____________(219 units)
        -M107______________(36 units)

        Multiple Rocket Launchers:
        -M270 MLRS________(12 launchers with 120 units of ATACMS Block I missiles)
        -TR-300 Kasırga______(86 launchers, (100+ km range missile developing for It))
        -TR-122 Sakarya______(120 launchers)
        -TR-107 Anadolu_____(100+ launchers)

        Short-Range Tactical Ballistic Missiles:
        -J600T Yıldırım I______(36 launchers with 100+ missiles (150+ km range))
        -J600T Yıldırım II_____(? (300 km range)
        -J600T Yıldırım III____(in development (900 km range))


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          Fighter Aircrafts:
          -F-16C/D Block 50+_______(30 aircrafts, produced by TAI between 2010-2012)
          -F-16C/D Block 50 CCIP____(71 aircrafts, produced by TAI between 1995-1999, modernized with CCIP programme with Block-50+ standard avionic and electronics)
          -F-16C/D Block 40 CCIP____(101 aircrafts, produced by TAI between 1987-1995, modernized with CCIP programme with Block-50+ standard avionic and electronics)
          -F-16C/D Block 30T________(37 aircrafts, bein modernizing with Turkish made flight systems, computer and flight software)

          -F-4E 2020 Terminator______(45 aircrafts, modernized with thw new avionics, HUD, radar, targeting pods, RWR and electronic systems and Popeye missiles by Israeli Aviation Industries)

          Cargo Aircrafts:
          -A-400M ATLAS________(2 aircrafts, +8 of them are going to delivered)
          -C-130TM Erciyes_______(19 aircrafts, modernized with new avionics and electronic systems under Erciyes programme by TAI)
          -C-160T Transall________(16 aircrafts)
          -CASA CN235__________(31 aircrafts, produced by TAI)

          AEW&C Aircrafts:
          -Boeing E7T Wegtail____(4 aircrafts, produced by TAI)

          Tanker Aircrafts:
          -KC-135R Stratatanker___(7 aircrafts, 2 of them are modernized with the new avionics in USA)

          Maritime ASW &ASUW Aircrafts:
          -CN-235M ASW_______(9 aircrafts)
          -ATR-72 ASW_________(2 aircrafts +6 more aircrafts, not delivered yet)

          Attack Helicopters:
          -T129A/B ATAK____(9 units, +50 units of T129B are going to delivered)
          -AH-1W Super Cobra_(9-10 units, bought form USMC, modified with early warning receivers, chaff-flare launchers and IR suppressors by aselsan)
          -AH-1P Cobra_______(22 units, bought from ex US Army ınventory , modified with early warning receivers, chaff-flare launchers and IR suppressors by aselsan)

          Ultility Helicopters:
          -UH-60 Blackhawk___(103 units, using by Army, Gendarmerie and Police)
          -UH-1H 2020 ASAM__(52 units, modified with new avionics, early warning receirvers, chaff/flare launchers and IR suppressor by aselsan & TAI)
          -UH-1H/AB-205_____(94 units, mostly using by Air Forces)
          -AS532 Cougar______(48 units, using by Army and Air Force)
          -Mi-17 Hip-H_______(17 units, donated by Russia, modified with early warning system, chaff-flare launchers and IR suppressors by aselsan)

          Maritime ASW & ASUW Helicopters:
          -S70B Seahawk______(24 helicopters +6 more on order)
          -AB-212 ASW_______(12 helicopters)

          Air Defence Systems:
          -I-Hawk__________(8 batteries)
          -Rapier__________(86 launchers)
          -Aselsan Zıpkın___(80 launchers, mounted on land Rover Defender 130 vehicles)
          -Aselsan Atılgan___(150 launchers, mounter on M113T2 APCs)
          -FIM-92 Stinger____(950+ launchers, producing by Roketsan)
          -SA-18 Igla_______(48 launchers with 600 missiles, bought form Slovakia)


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            -Gabya Class_____(8 frigates, ex-USN OHP Class, modernized with new command & control center, combat management system, new sonar dome and Smart-S Mk2 radars, 4 of them equipped with 8 cell Mk41 VLS with ESSM missiles)
            -Yavuz Class_____(4 MEKO-200 TNI firgates, some of them are modified with Smart-S Mk2 radars)
            -Barbaros Class___(4 MEKO-200TNIIA/B frigatres, some of them are modified with Smart-S Mk2 radar, the two frigates without VLS are modifying with Mk41 8 cell VLS units)

            -Burak Class_____(6 corvettes, ex-French Navy D'Estienne d'Orves-class)
            -Ada Class_______(2 corvettes +2 corvettes being building)

            -Kılıç I/II Class___(9 vessels)
            -Doğan Class____(4 vessels)
            -Rüzgar Class____(4 vessels)
            -Yıldız Class____(2 vessels)
            -Kartal Class____(4 vessels, being scrapped out)

            Patrol Boats:
            -Tuzla Class________(16 boats)

            Landing Crafts:
            -Osmangazi Class LST____(1 craft, modernized with Phlanax CIWS, Oerlikon 35mm dual barreled cannons and SATCOM antennas)
            -Bey Class LST__________(2 crafts)
            -Ertuğrul Class LST_______(1 craft)
            -New Type LCT__________(8 crafts)
            -LCU__________________(30 crafts)
            -LCM__________________(16 crafts)

            -Preveze Class Type 209-1400___(4 submarines)
            -Gür Class Type 209-1400______(4 subarines)
            -Ay Class Type 209-1200_______(5 subarines, 2 of them are going to modernized)
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              Future Defense Projects of the Turkish Armed Forces:

              1-Land Platforms

              -MKEK MPT-76:
              The 7.62x51mm AR-15 type (including gas-piston system) assault rifle designed and producing by Kalekalıp & MKEK. for replacing G3 rifles in the armed force sservice.The serial production of the rifles are started in the beginnings of 2015. Total 50.000 rifle are going to produced for the Army ina year.

              -MKEK MMMT:
              The 7.62x51mm PKM general purpose machine rifle based on PKM system including NATO additions like left feed, rail attachments, the barrel tecnology and buffer et all. Its designed for replace old MG3 mach,ne guns in Armed Forces service. The solid prototype of the machine gun is going to shown the end of this year.

              -Roketsan Short Range Anti-Tank Missile (MIZRAK-K/KMTAS):
              Roketsan designed man portable fourth generation fire-forget short range (+/- 2 km) Anti-Tank missile including Top-Attack feature. The project is still under development.

              -Roketsan Medium Range Anti-Tank Missile (MIZRAK-O/OMTAS):
              Roketsan designed and produced IR guided fire-forget/fire-update medium range (4 km) Anti-Tank missile with tandem warhead. The missile is testing by army.

              -Roketsan Long Range Anti-Tank Missile (MIZRAK-U/UMTAS):
              Roketsan designed and produced IR/Laser Homing missile designed for aircrafts and Attack helicopters. It's testing on Turkish Army AH-1 helicopters and going to used on T-129 B ATAK hellicopters

              -MKEK 105mm light Howitzer:
              It's developing for replecing old M101 howitzers in Turkish Army service. It can moving by UH60 or bigger helicopters. First prototypes are under development. Army ordered 106 units of them for first batch

              -NBC Protected 6x6/8x8 Tactic Wheeled Armoured Vehicle:
              Army is wanting to by total 472 units of 8x8/6x6 APCs. For this request they are organizing a bid. (Possible participants are Otokar-ARMA, FNSS-Pars and Nurol Ejder)

              -Wheeled/Tracked Armoured Anti-Tank Missile Carrier Vehicle:
              Army wants to buy 184 tracked and 76 wheeled armoured carrier vehicles for MIZRAK-U Anti-Tank missiles. For this request they are organizing a bid.

              -Armoured Amphibious Assault Vehicle:
              It's including buying 22 units of AAV for the LHD project of Navy

              -Altay Main Battle Tank Project
              4 main prototypes are still testing by army. The final combat developments are qualifications are doing. Army ordered 250 units of Altay for the first serial production batch. They are going to using MTU made 1500 HP diesel engine but the later models are going to using TÜMOSAN made 1800 HP diesel engine.


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                2-Air Platforms

                -F-35 JSF Project
                Air force vants to buy total 100 units of F-35A Lithning II Fighter Aircrafts. Some of thie parts of engine and wings are producing by Alp Aviation, TAI end TEI. The first 6 aircrafts are to be delivered in 2016 for the pilot tarinings and developments located in Eglin Base, USA. and also Navy could buy 16 units of F-35B aircrafts of the developing LHD project in future.

                -T-70 Blackhwk Project
                UH-60M blackhawk with Turkish made avionic and electronics going to produced by TUSAŞ. Turkish Armed Forces and the other goverment departments ordeded total 109 units of this helicopter

                -Indigenous Light hellicopter Programme
                Design and producement of the local Light-helicopter for the different purposes of the Army, Police and civilians. Still designing by TAI

                -Basic Level Training Aircraft Project
                Supply of new basic training aircraft for the replacing Sf260 and T41 basic training aircrafts of Turkish Air Forces. The bid is ongoing

                -TAI Hürkuş
                Tandem two-seat, low-wing, turpoprop engine training/light attack aircraft developing by TAI. Turkish Air Forces ordered 15 aircrafts for the first batch and +40 aircrafts as an option.

                -Vestel Karayel
                It's for supply of the Navy's UAV demand for take of with an catapult from vessels .and landing wih a parachute.Total 26 systems are ordered


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                  3-Naval Platforms

                  -TF2000 AAW Frigate
                  "Acquisition of anti-air warfare frigates that will provide survivability in the presence of aerial threat and also support mission functions such as command control and communication, reconnaissance, early warning, surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare and electronic warfare."
                  -TF100 Multi-Purpose Frigate
                  The procejt contains the large scale frigate version of the Ada Class corvettes as a part of MİLGEM proect with the VLS and more capable weaposn & electronic systems. The projest is still uncertain and re-creating for the needs and priorities of the Turkish Navy

                  -New Type Fast Attack Craft
                  The project is for replacing old Rüzgar class FAC's with the new ones. The bid of the project is ongoing.

                  -New Type Submarine (AIP)
                  "Constructing submarines with Air Independent Propulsions (AIP) at Gölcük Naval Shipyard with maximum local content and building know-how in submarine construction and system integration"
                  Total 6 submarines are going to produced in Gölcük naval shipyard as the part of this project

                  -Landing Platform Dock
                  It's containing to suply 1 LPD, 27 AAV, 4 LCM, 1 RHIB boat and 1 commander vessel to increase ambhibious capabilities of the Turkish navy. Result of the bid Navantia's Juan Carlos is accepted as best suitable solution for Turkish navy. The local ship builder SEDEF shipyard is took on the building of the LHD with the Navantia.

                  -Landing Ship, Tank
                  It's for suppliying 2 new LSTs to replacing old ones. The ADİK shipyard is choosen to built and develop them.

                  -Landing Craft Air Cushion
                  It's for suppliying 4 sysems of LCAC for LPD project


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                    Usta resimler için teşekkürler ama bu forumun resimlerle ilgili kurallari farkliydi sanirim. banlamasinlar sonra.
                    English: thanks brother for the pics. Keep em coming


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                      Originally posted by telkon View Post
                      Usta resimler için teşekkürler ama bu forumun resimlerle ilgili kurallari farkliydi sanirim. banlamasinlar sonra.
                      English: thanks brother for the pics. Keep em coming

                      Turkish: Atan atıyor şu anda başka sayfalarda da, belli bir sınırlama kağıt üzerinde ama tam olarak getirilmedi daha. Neyse hep birlikte göreceğiz ne olacak

                      English: Thank you for your comment I don't know the regulation of sharing photos in this forum but the other guys are starting to share photos too. So we will see the criters of the photos wthen this forum became fully operational...


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                        DENO, you got any news on TF-2000? It's been a while since we heard some news about the project.


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                          The Indonesian State Owned Company PT. PINDAD unveiled a scale model of the Indonesia-Turkey Pindad-FNSS Medium Tank during the Armoured Vehicles Asia Conference 2015 in Jakarta - Indonesia. According to the article he Medium Tank will be using the Cockerill CT-CV 105HP. (sorry it's in Indonesian)





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                            Do not post pictures unless you are the owner of the photo. Post a link to the original picture/article.


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                              Originally posted by TheKiwi View Post
                              Do not post pictures unless you are the owner of the photo. Post a link to the original picture/article.

                              Can we send photos as imgur albums? '-'