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    Brand new DANA M2

    jpg images

    New Tatra Patriot APC

    New Tatra Phoenix 8x8 - offer to Dutch Army

    AM-50 EX bridge launcher vehicle on Tatra Force


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      Nice, is the Dana for the Czech Army, and is it 152MM or 155MM?


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        Originally posted by Tymotka View Post
        Nice, is the Dana for the Czech Army, and is it 152MM or 155MM?
        Nope, DANA M2 is new product Excalibur Army primarily for export, because DANA M2 is 152 mm and ministry of defence short time ago has announced the Czech Army will get 52 new wheeled howitzers of 155 mm standard during next years. Excalibur Army want to offer to Czech Army Eva 8x8 155 mm howitzer developed with Slovak companies with fully automatic loader...


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          Chief of the Czech Army General Staff Aleš Opata have presented the main points of the program of modernization of the Army of the Czech Republic until 2027

          12 multipurpose helicopters;

          8 MADR radars;

          210 tracked armoured vehicles (IFV and further versions);

          52 self-propelled howitzers of 155 mm caliber;

          80 vehicles of chemical, biological and radar exploration (in fact Czech special versions of Iveco LMV);

          modernization of Pandur II infantry combat vehicles;

          62 self-propelled mortars;

          modernization of Gripen fighters;

          Short range Air Defense Aircraft Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD);

          partial modernization of T-72M4CZ tanks;

          supporting bridges on chassis 8 × 8;

          pontoon bridge kits on chassis 8 × 8;

          C-295M aircraft upgrades and the purchase of two C-295Ws (improved aerodynamics, engines, etc.);

          two mobile VERA NG passive systems;

          39 Command-Staff Vehicles;

          61 armoured liaison vehicles;

          at least 10 drones Scan Eagle;

          tactical drones weighing between 150 and 600 kg with the ability to use air-to-ground weapons;

          airport radars.


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            Aero reveals F/A-259 Striker