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Argentinian submarine ARA San Juan is missing

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  • Sunk his career as well
    Adm Marcelo Srur is sent into retirement following criticism of the operation to rescue the submarine.


    • Originally posted by memfisa View Post

      A wiki article regarding HY-80 steel:
      We use a 5140 equivalent steel in our products.
      This an alloy steel with approx 0.4% C & 1% Cr, and unless the welding process is controlled accurately, the HAZ hardness will be excessively high, with subsequent underbead cracking occurring resulting in weld failure.
      A welder who thought he knew better, failed to preheat the parts properly, and, then thre the parts into a cold stillage rather than using the proper post weld heating / slow cool process. Long story short, cost the company nearly $500K to replace parts in the field when they started having weld failures.
      The reputation and business lost is incalculabe,, all because some dipshit thought he knew better.


      • US Office of Naval Intelligence analysis of the San Juan incident states that the ship imploded in 40 millisecs.

        At least they didn't suffer.

        Here :


        • Doesn't match the battery investigation....

          Would confirm the pressure hull debacle...