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    A place to post pictures and talk about everything related to the Romanian Armed Forces.

    International deployments, SOF, local military ceremonies, NATO exercises, news and developments related to the Romanian Armed Forces, all are welcomed, with a preference for links to photos and videos.
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    Over 2,200 servicemen participate in Wind Spring 15 multinational exercise:
    Over 2,200 servicemen of the armies of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Moldova, Romania and the United States of America will participate from Thursday to April 30 in the Wind Spring 15 multinational exercise, that is taking place in the Smardan range of Galati County, but also at the Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Administrative Center of Constanta County.
    From I found out from here, there will be 1,500 Romanian soldiers, 400 soldiers from the United States, 170 soldiers from the UK and 26 soldiers form the Republic of Moldova.
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      BogT, you should edit the OP mentioning that it's not allowed to post pictures you don't own. But I hope the Romanian members will keep posting links to web pages containing pictures of the Romanian Armed Forces.


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        Photos from Wind Spring 15, on the Land Forces Facebook page. Link to the album:

        I like the photos of the armor formation on the plains. The perspective makes them look like miniatures.

        P.S. I don't seem to be able to edit the previous posts (even thought I did so before; there must be a time limit for the edit function). But yea, provide only the link to the photo albums, unless their yours (as per forum rules). It's not ideal, some adjustment is needed, but let's try and see how it goes.
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          Link to YouTube video from Wind Spring 15:


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            This is new... the Land Forces Chief of Staffmade a declaration (for Romania Libera newspaper; in Romanian) about the transfer of IAR 330 Puma and IAR 330 Puma Socat (the attack version) from the Air Force to the Land Forces. They are negotiating this and it would mean adopting a structure similar to other NATO countries. To my knowledge, it will be the first time the Land Forces would operate helicopters.

            To me it just makes sense to operate the Socat (and the Spike ER) togeter with the tank and mechanized infantry battalions and have the troop transport directly available for SOF, recon or mountain troops.

            Being a transfer, we are not talking about new toys. However, in the future, when they will buy replacements it means that Land Forces requirements (troop capacity, etc.) will be better considered.


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              Originally posted by BogT View Post
              Link to YouTube video from Wind Spring 15:

              Cool video! The British soldiers look really bad ass! The army should invest in some gopro cameras and mount them on tanks, it's a pity filming those exercises from hundreds of meters away. The T-85M1 with the camo net covering it and from some angles looks quite a bit like the British Challenger tank.


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                Originally posted by BogdanM View Post
                The T-85M1 with the camo net covering it and from some angles looks quite a bit like the British Challenger tank.
                I have to say that it's the first time I see the camo on our tanks being done so good. Going the extra mile and taking care of the small things is the way forward. People mentioned before how soldiers forget to camouflage their hands and the like in some photos. At that time I defended them as being just a PR photo, so no need, but now I think the training needs to go the extra mile. From my perspective, it just means that more funds need to be assigned for exercises (not more of them, just done better). We need to adopt "train as you fight" mentality, at least as a goal to strive for.

                Regarding the British soldiers, their new camo works better for the environment present in the video compared to the old one (which is also currently used by the Romanian forces). Somebody mention this on a blog and I tend to agree with it.


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                  I saw on the news a while ago that this year the RoArmy will hold 340 military exercises, 40 of which will be with other NATO members. Now that's a lot imo, I hope we don't trade quality for quantity but since we are employing NATO standards I think there no reason to worry.


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                    340 ?! Probably counting every company level exercises... about 100 battalion in the Land Forces (quick count from wiki, support battalions included), times around three companies per battalion and you end up with 300. The rest 40 are probably the larger exercises.

                    Regardless of my nitpicking , the number of exercises has increased indeed. And don't get me wrong, it is a good thing. I just hope sufficient funds are provided to increase the number of exercises done at proper standards. But yes, training together with NATO partners does help and it puts some pressure on the political factors to provide the necessary funds.

                    Once the joint training becomes 'standard', time for the next phase: put pressure to get the (needed) new toys.


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                      Link to the US 2d Cavalry Regiment Flickr page. Images from "Wind Spring" exercise and other activities they've taken part of in Romania.


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                        Inter-active web page from the Romanian Ministry of Defence shows Romanian Soldiers who died on service for their country in Iraq and Afghanistan.

                        May they + Rest In Peace +
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                          Humanitarian Mission for the Transport of Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers to Romania --- using the C-27J [photos].

                          All things considered, Romania should provide this type of support to Ukraine, as much as possible.
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                            From the official press release:

                            Four Romanian soldiers, part of „Resolute Support” mission in Afghanistan, were wounded by the explosion of a car bomb, around 09.00 hrs., on Thursday, April 30.

                            The soldiers were on patrol at about 8 km. south-east of the military base in Kandahar.

                            The soldiers received first aid measures on site, then they were taken to the hospital in Kandahar. Their condition is stable.
                            It's good that we don't have any casualties. This is a reminder that we still have around 400 troops in Afghanistan, deployed to ensure the security of the Kandahar Airport perimeter.

                            Romania accepted the deployment in Afghanistan past the year 2014, as support in kind for NATO ramping up the defense on the Easter flank (trading in a way limited actual danger vs. catastrophic potential danger at home).


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                              13 - 14 May, “Cavalry March”, from MK to Cincu: approximately 400 US troops from the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Cavalry Regiment with over 80 technical means, will participate on 13 and 14 May, to a "march " from Mihail Kogalniceanu ( Constanta) to Cincu (Brasov).

                              Google translate:

                              Why not! They need to get to Cincu for the Sarmis 15 exercise and they want to recreate a bit of the success of the 'Dragoon Ride'.

                              From the same source, using Google translate:
                              1,500 soldiers from Canada, Britain, Romania and the US, with about 200 combat means will participate between May 15 to June 6, the multinational exercise simulation training and actual firings "Sarmis 15" the garrison Brasov and Training Center of the Land Forces Fight Cincu.