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  • Powerful Venezuelan lawmaker may have issued death order against Sen Rubio

    A possible death threat from powerful Venezuelan government leader Diosdado Cabello prompted Florida Sen. Marco Rubio to get a security detail.


    • Coming from this part of the world myself, I can see most here do not have a clear grasp as to the history and roots of the problems we see taking place in Venezuela. As with all former colonial countries, it has had to forge its own national identity. This was built on the legacy and ideals of Simon Bolivar, which has been exploited and used conveniently for political gain by all sides throughout independent Venezuelan history.

      But again like many former colonies, deep class and social structures persist. This extends to within classes themselves, with even the elites and professional classes torn between political motives, all seeking their own interests of course. All the while it is the poor masses who suffer and have always been subjected to attempts by those with power to rally them behind whatever self-serving movement or ideology each represents. Chavez himself recalled the heroism of Bolivar and used it to inspire the downtrodden masses to rise up against rampant capitalist corruption.
      Now, the so-called free capitalists are spewing their own slogans promising liberty and prosperity if the people rise up with them. What is not highlighted are the very real divisions within this movement, not just between intellectuals and the educated, but the business and professional classes and the industrialists as well. A revolution is not in the interest of the privileged unless some accommodation can be made that ensures some consolidation of their wealth and interests.

      Make no mistake though, nothing developing here has the interests of the common citizen at heart, except perhaps in minds of a few delusional idealists. Just as Chavistas sought to consolidate their power and wealth once they assumed power, so are the capitalist vultures seeking to grab control as well, all in the name of the poor and less fortunate.

      This is more than individual characters like Chavez or Maduro. It is a fundamentally flawed and corrupt society at its roots, ripped by self-serving parties and interests making the country all the more vulnerable to foreign meddling. Economically, as with other countries where abundance in one natural resource turns out to be a curse, Venezuela is a slave to oil and hence can't pull itself together in the face of recent oil price lows. The policies that resulted in such a situation were the result of an opportunistic ruling establishment seeking to exploit the country's riches in a favourable price environment. Foresight and planning were left for the academics to argue over. Much like the famous Dutch disease, the curse of oil only added to Venezuela's many existent woes by stunting growth and development in other sectors and entrenching a dependence on a state-run inefficient oil industry.

      Lastly, not to confuse political rhetoric with reality, but by championing and glorifying the independence of the Bolivarian republic and a liberated Latin America, Chavez and his successor have steered the country towards direct confrontation with the US who have for years viewed the continent as its own area of influence. Even a country as diversified and industrialized as Russia can testify as to the costs of gaining the ire of the world's most powerful nation. The US has all the levers it wishes at its disposal to directly and (as preferred, wisely) indirectly subvert any state in the region should it choose to. Many onlookers would have observed related developments for example in Argentina and most significantly in Brazil recently, where the US has moved purposefully to restore its influence in the region following a decade or so of anti-US political governments. Such anti-US sentiment throughout the region was heavily supported, financed, promoted and inspired by Chavez. Now, with the almost complete re-alignment of Latin American governments back towards America's orbit, it's just left for the castle itself to fall.
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      • Putin, Maduro to discuss strategic partnership on October 4

        MOSCOW, October 3. /TASS/. Issues of strategic partnership between Russian and Venezuela will be in focus of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s talks with his visiting Velezuelan counterpart, Nicolas Maduro, on October 4, the Kremlin press service said on Tuesday.

        "On that day, Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro who will arrive in Moscow on a working visit to attend the international energy efficiency and energy development forum Russian Energy Week," the Kremlin said.

        "It is planned to discuss issue of the development of strategic partnership between the two countries in various spheres. The leaders will also exchange views on topical issues of the international and regional agenda," the Kremlin added.


        • Why hasn't the Venezuelan opposition taken over the country yet?


          • Why hasn't the Venezuelan opposition taken over the country yet?
            Because all the armed forces are under Maduro´s control.


            • Socialists: "Venezuela is not a dictatorship!"

              Venezuela presidential election: Nicolas Maduro's government blocks opposition candidates from competing

              Venezuela's pro-government constitutional assembly has stripped three of the country's most influential opposition parties of the right to participate in next year's presidential election.
              The Constituent Assembly ruled that parties who boycotted this month's local elections had lost legitimacy, requiring them to reapply for legal status and potentially eliminating them from the 2018 presidential race.
              The decree has infuriated Venezuela's opposition and drew criticism from the United States, whose embassy said: "The Venezuelan government and its illegitimate Constituent Assembly are inventing rules as they go along. This is not democracy."



              • Venezuela suspends traffic to the island of Curacao for 72 hrs after claiming that it is being used for smuggling (don't know if that's true, due to the short distance food might be smuggled). A lot of refugees go there in leaky boats to flee the awesomeness that is Venezuela. So probably in reality it is an attempt to stop people from fleeing the country.

                The army has also been deployed to supermarkets across the country to stop looting. Food aid is only being distributed to people willing to sign a declaration of support for the Maduro junta.

                And people used to vote for socialists across the world until just recently hoping they'll turn their country into this level of sh*thole too?!?


                • Originally posted by Mitleser1987 View Post
                  Why hasn't the Venezuelan opposition taken over the country yet?
                  Two reasons that should spring to mind, First, as the MSM is wont to do, opposition support is highly publicized, but in truth the government still maintains massive support. Economic difficulties are admittedly increasingly testing loyalties. Secondly, there is the question of the alternative. The opposition is deeply fragmented, both ideologically and with respect to hammering out a unified political and economic agenda/course. Differing personal agendas and ambitions lead to a lack of majority confidence in the opposition, which have forced them into current, on-going negotiations with the government, following as well several defections in their ranks.


                  • Originally posted by Mike1976 View Post
                    Venezuela suspends traffic to the island of Curacao for 72 hrs after claiming that it is being used for smuggling (don't know if that's true, due to the short distance food might be smuggled)
                    I got that part wrong. Venezuela is claiming that food and gold is being smuggled out of the country to the former Dutch Antilles. Because who doesn't like overpriced food when the island is already well-stocked on food available at normal prices

                    The Dutch government is forcing a regime change one bag of grain at a time


                    • Oscar Perez, the leader of the last group of rebels who assaulted several military facilities to capture weapons during the last few months, was killed together with his men on 15JAN night, after their safehouse was surrounded by venezuelas military units.

                      Here you have a few clips they recorded during their last hours and distributed through internet. Everything indicates that they were trying to surrender, but Maduros military units on site didnt want to make any prisoners and basically RPGed the house down. Seeeems that there was no mercy, despite the surrounded men asking for surrender and asking gov forces not to shoot saying that together with them there were civilians(this last point about civies afaik has not been veryfied yet)


                      May he and his men rest in peace


                      • I just watched a compilation of the videos he uploaded on social media during the siege. They were 100% trying to surrender, they ceased all fired and kept yelling they wanted to surrender and that there were civilians inside as well. The security forces kept engaging despite the defender's cease fire. They use RPG-7s with thermobaric warheads to blow up the house and kill the guys. A BTR-80 also engaged with a 30mm gun. A couple hundred security forces involved along with a bunch of colectivos as well (government armed civilian militias).