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  • Situation in Venezuela

    Just in news about military unit (41st armored brigade, as per the video) in the city of Valencia rising up against Maduro's government. There is a video with an army captain named Juan Caguaripano and some other officers on active service and retired ones sending a message to the nation. Military rise operation called «David Carabobo».
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    Twitter on fire right now, saying that this and that unit are joining in.
    As per twatter, other units joining across the country in Caracas also the airforce base at la Carlota something is brewing up


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      Please post links


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        Lots of info around, vids of helos in the air and comments about this and that unit joining. Rebel military asking civilians to stay at home and to not risk their lives in the street??

        With all the traffic on internet, seems that the military rising is true, and that shit just hit the fan


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          Some of the guys reporting life

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            So is this the second fake coup or third hard to keep track of the games going on.


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              Doesnt seem like a fake one. Ongoing shootouts reported at several army units and bases, across the whole country, Valencia, Maracaibo, Caracas, etc... More reports about this or that unit joining up, Government publishing photos of detained military personnel and saying that the coup is over. But with all the noise, vids and reports on internet seems that its far from being «minor» and «under control».


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                Well I guess it was only a matter of time until someone rose up against this wanna-be dictatorship government.

                Looks pretty coordinated too.


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                  So were the units acting individually or coordinated. If individual units are making individual announcements spread over time its a shit show.

                  If its the real deal which i doubt at this stage it means there is a ongoing civil war in Venezuela now.

                  It looks fake.
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                    Unfortunately, it ended with arrests.


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                      Doesn't seem to be an organized attempt but several points where people are protesting with some small units falling into chaos.


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                        These cosplay coups are embarrassing. So its either the elites enacting social hacking efforts in order to create a subconscious association that any coup will fail or its uncle Sam just showing shit in to the gears.

                        Either way its embarrassing and says a lot of how the regular citizens in Venezuela are viewed by the power that be.


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                          Originally posted by Smokey View Post
                          Doesn't seem to be an organized attempt but several points where people are protesting with some small units falling into chaos.
                          ​To me it looks like another false flag after the embarrasing helicopter charade throwing which to me sounded more like flashbangs or some other type of riot control grenades. "Israeli-made grenades of "Colombian origin", the only bit missing there at the end is "supplied by US embassy staff" to fit in completely with the list of usual suspects. No one injured, only 15 rounds fired instead of hosing the place with a machine gun.

                          ​This a coup supposedly organized/initiated by a captain (again).

                          ​The armed forces are still being paid and fed so no problems there from anything but small fringe groups as long as that continues.


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                            Is it time to test new Yasen attack submarine?


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                              By the way here is an excerpt from Venezuela Humanitarian Assistance and Defense of Democratic Governance Act of 2017 introduced to Congress on 3rd of May 2017. May give you an idea on what this mess is all about...

                              (a) Findings.—Congress makes the following findings:

                              (1) In late 2016, Venezuelan state owned oil company Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (referred to in this section as “PDVSA”), through a no-compete transaction, secured a loan from Russian government-controlled oil company Rosneft, using 49.9 percent of PDVSA’s American subsidiary, CITGO Petroleum Corporation, including its assets in the United States, as collateral. As a result of this transaction, 100 percent of CITGO is held as collateral by PDVSA’s creditors.

                              (2) CITGO, a wholly owned subsidiary of PDVSA, is engaged in interstate commerce and owns and controls critical energy infrastructure in 19 States in the United States, including an extensive network of pipelines, 48 terminals, and 3 refineries, with a combined oil refining capacity of 749,000 barrels per day. CITGO’s refinery in Lake Charles, Louisiana, is the sixth largest refinery in the United States.

                              (3) The Department of the Treasury imposed sanctions on Rosneft, which is controlled by the Russian Government, and its Executive Chairman, Igor Sechin, following Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine and its illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014.

                              (4) The Department of Homeland Security has designated the energy sector as critical to United States infrastructure.

                              (5) The growing economic crisis in Venezuela raises the probability that the Government of Venezuela and PDVSA will default on their international debt obligations, resulting in a scenario in which Rosneft could come into control of CITGO’s United States energy infrastructure holdings.

                              (b) Sense Of Congress.—It is the sense of Congress that—

                              (1) control of critical United States energy infrastructure by Rosneft, a Russian government-controlled entity currently under United States sanctions, would pose a significant risk to United States national security and energy security;

                              (2) the President should take all necessary steps to prevent Rosneft from gaining control of critical United States interstate energy infrastructure;

                              (3) a default by PDVSA on its loan from Rosneft, resulting in Rosneft coming into possession of PDVSA’s United States CITGO assets, would warrant careful consideration by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States;

                              (4) if PDVSA defaults on its debt obligations, the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control should review CITGO’s transactions with United States persons to assess and ensure compliance with United States sanctions policies and regulations; and

                              (5) the Department of Homeland Security should conduct an assessment of the security risks posed by foreign control of CITGO’s United States energy infrastructure holdings.