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    First PKX-B Chamsuri II-class Patrol Boat with 130mm Guided Rockets Delivered to ROK Navy
    South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced today that the first Chamsuri II-class (project name PKX-B batch I) patrol boat has been delivered to the Republic of Korea Navy (ROK Navy).


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      MADEX 2017: South Korea Developing a Supercavitating Torpedo

      At MADEX 2017, the International Maritime Defense Industry Exhibition held in October 2017 in Busan, South Korea's Agency for Defense Development (ADD) stand was featuring a "supercavitating underwater test vehicle".


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          South Korea increase of 7% for defense budget 2018 with $40.5 billion

 ustry/south_korea_increase_of_7_for_defense_budget_2018_ with_$40.5_billion.html

          Most of the increased defense budget is intended for the defense capacity improvement costs required to early build a system capable of countering North Korea's nuclear program, such as the three-pillar defense system, considered urgent.


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            South Korean Navy Takes Delivery Of First Daegu-class FFX-II Frigate


            FFX-II is the first South Korean warship to be fitted with DRS Hybrid Electric Drive system, coupled with Rolls-Royce MT-30 gas turbine engine for CODLAG integrated full-electric propulsion. This configuration is shared with the US Navy's LCS and Zumwalt destroyers, as well as with the Royal Navy's QE aircraft carriers and future Type 26 GCS. In terms of engine technology and acoustic reduction technology, this makes FFX-II one of the most advanced and 'reduced accoustic signature' ASW frigates among western navies.


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              South Korea to launch 2nd Dokdo-class ship this month



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                US clears P-8, Patriot missile sales for South Korea


                WASHINGTON— The U.S. State Department has ok’d a package of potential sales for South Korea, including six P-8 maritime surveillance aircraft and 64 Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missiles.

                The P-8 deal has a potential price tag of $2.1 billion, while the Patriot weapons could cost $501 million, a $2.6 billion overall deal for American military contractors.

                Six more P-8 in the Eastern Pacific.


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                  South Korea launches its first mid-class submarine


                  Dosan Ahn Chang-ho is part of the South Korean attack submarine program which includes three phases – KSS-I, KSS-II and KSS-III. The third phase envisages the construction of up to nine indigenously built KSS-III diesel-electric attack submarines.