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  • And now it has been decided... The new SSM that will equip the new corvettes, the Hamina MLU and coastal missile batteries is the...

    IAI Gabriel!

    Did not see that one coming, as almost EVERYONE was guessing RBS-15 or NSM, with Harpoon as a dark horse. This also raises several new interesting questions and deductions like, "does this mean Barak 8 is a possibility as the coming SAM?" and that political and strategic issues have taken second fiddle to direct capability and price.

    All other candidates (NSM, RBS-15, Harpoon and Exocet) would have given political brownie points with the sellers, all of them already Finland's closest partners in defence, while I really don't think Finland will gain very much polital goodwill by supporting the Israeli defence industry. Also, it will not likely effect the HX-program, as AFAIK there is no air launched version, or at least not incorporated in any of the candidates for that.

    Interesting choice anyway, of which very little actual info is known, but Defense Update hints towards a missile longer and faster than a Harpoon, with an active radar seeker and possible ram-air propulsion for supercruise speed and extended range.
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    • Has the IAI Gabriel been installed on vehicle on other projects?


      • It has not been acknowledged at least. The Navy has confirmed that the missile version ”is in use operatively in other navies” but refuse to name the exact version or which exact force use them.

        However, considering Israel’s notoriously restrictive view on saying anything (what was it, 20-ish years before Spike NLOS was officially confirmed to exist) and the fact that their Harpoons never have been upgraded past version 84D, it is not a big stretch to guess that they are one user of the Gabriel V.


        • The Finnish Air Force F/A-18 Solo Display flown by Captain Lauri Mäkinen was awarded with the Sir Douglas Bader Trophy for best individual flying display at the Royal International Air Tattoo in July 2018.
          On the video you can step onboard F/A-18 with Capt Mäkinen and experience the display flight from above!