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Conflict in Libya

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  • Conflict in Libya

    I searched for a Libya thread, but did not find it. So therefore I am creating a new one.

    Agence France-Presse ‏@AFP 55 mins55 minutes ago
    #BREAKING IS seizes control of airport in Libya's Sirte: Tripoli govt

    Apparantly they have been making gains elsewhere as well.

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    Libya is been burning for a while now


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      The only reason it isn't worse is because there are no significant minorities to slaughter like in Iraq of Syria.


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        Decent BBC article on the capture of the airbase and the possible capture of the "Great Man Made River", a vast irrigation projected built to supply fresh water to Libyan cities.
        Islamic State militants in Libya 'seize Sirte airport'


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          These kind of tensions are heavily rising voices in Misrata. Misrata city council and vast majority of Misrati brigades last week signed ceasefire with Weshefanna and proclaimed that their sole enemy is ISIS. All much to dismay of Tripoli government which is dominated by Muslim brotherhood. ISIS is making GNC as irrelevant as possibly could be.

          Hopefully this will lead to peace agreement as GNC without Misrata is just bunch of jokers with few thugs like Kara around them.


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            Conflict News ‏@rConflictNews 1 hr1 hour ago BREAKING: 5 killed, 8 wounded in rocket attack in #Libya's #Benghazi - @AlArabiya_Eng


            The above very short article appears to be from reuters. Appears to be launched by islamists.


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              That happens like 3 times a week, last month shitbags rained a rocket fire on souq full of civies. Surprised that international media still bother writing about it.


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                Yes, I don`t doubt it. You have seemed to follow the Libya conflict very closely, judging by you many informative posts on MP net. Do you have access to a current map of the "frontlines" (if they could be called that). The world may have mostly forgotten about Libya, but it is my opinion that what happens there has consequences for for instance Europe. And of course, IS is growing quite in strenght there.


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                  Most of Libya is desert and there are no frontlines. The major one are

                  - inside Benghazi city. Check Mutaz Gedalla twitter account and scroll to older images, he should have one there. Its basically static for months now, even though there have been lately attempts to break through in several districts

                  - around Sirte. Sidra terminal is controlled by Tobruq, Bin Jawad by Misrati 166th brigade, Nowfaliya, Sirte and now even that sodding airport by ISIS. Rest by Misrata.

                  - fighting around Tripoli has for most part seized as Wershefanna regained control of Weshefanna district and Misratis said that Tripoli MB administration can go fuck themselves and they won´t fight Wershefannis while ISIS is carbombing their city. So clashes around Tripoli died down lately

                  - South is a mess, divided on the ethnical basis for the most part with some being loyal there, others elsewhere, most really don´t giving a crap. Bytheway, great work of Misrata which took over security from Wardougou special forces and these conflicts went haywire once again.


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                    Thank you, for the information!
                    By the way, there was a reason why I used "" on frontlines.


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                      Daesh on effensive in Jufra central region


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                        Some good news

                        Awlad Sulaiman calls for end to violence in south, proposes pan-tribal council for Fezzan

                        One of Libya’s more prominent tribes, particularly in Fezzan, the Awlad Sulaiman has called for an end to the violence and for reconciliation between competing tribes and communities.
                        Condemning the recent killings and robberies that have ben taking place recently in Sebha, the tribe’s Shoura Council, meeting in the town, called for the creation of a supreme tribal council in the south, at which tribal differences could be resolved.



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                          Warring Libya factions meet for 'decisive' UN talks

                          Skhirat - Libya's warring factions meet for a new round of "decisive" talks on Monday as the UN scrambles for a peace deal before the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan next week.
                          Amid warnings the oil producer is on the verge of collapsing into a failed state,

                          UN deadline for peace agreement is by the start of Ramadan, next week. Reconciliation is supported virtually by everyone outside Libya. The biggest issue are opponents (mostly muslim brotherhood and its fiercest supporter sheikh Ghariyani, Tripoli-appointed grand mufti who is a real piece of shit) inside Libya. I cannot stress how extremely important it is for those peace talks to succeed and for all factions to join forces against Daesh. Otherwise, it will get worse. Way worse. Those morons in Ikhwan who think they will capture Tobruq should be hanged from lamposts, they´ve been derailing Misrata local council and military council efforts at reconciliation for more than a month now.
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                            Islamic State militants seize power plant near Libyan city of Sirte

                            Islamic State militants have seized a power plant west of the Libyan city of Sirte that supplies electricity to central and western parts of the country, the group and a military source have said.

                            Read more:


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                              So, no UN resolution on enforcing a no-fly zone to protect civilians again?