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    I actually wouldn't be surprised if the RNZN decided to go with a smaller frigate design, perhaps something like the RN's Type-31e (hopefully the Babcock Arrowhead 140 design - it looks very tidy). If they can keep costs to a minimum, it should provide a very capable frigate design and be much cheaper than the Type-26. Would come with a smaller crew requirement (100 personnel - but room for more), can take the same weapons fit as the T-26 (Mk 45 127mm gun, 32 VLS, CIWS etc.
    Not knowing bugger all about ships, that sounds like it would make bloody good sense. At the moment there's a push to go with kit already in-service locally, locally supportable and where possible some commonality. I can't see our Navy going for smaller ships after justifying all the recent purchases and risk loosing those manning numbers to the other services. They are struggling to crew ships but for some reason have a lot of "non essential" shore based personnel.