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  • MSBS

    Well i think it's time to recreate the topic about MSBS - weapon system.

    For start in the newest issue of "Frag Out" web magazine nr 4 , starting on page 84 you have great photos of MSBS in bull-pup configuration with and wthout UGL+strip down.

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    This thread needs Remov.


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      Even if it was already posted on mp I will leave it here, because.... like that :F


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        Video from Europoltech 2015 uploaded yesterday.Nothing new in the video ,except some gun p*rn


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          MSBS 5.56K and PR-15 Ragun, big thanks to Remov for those pics

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            Oh dear lord this weapons looks so sexy want it all way


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              First Polish Armed Forces, then civilian shooters. I think we will wait for self-loading MSBS rifle till 2016.


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                Polish Army Purchases 8K Beryl Rifles, Dropping MSBS? - See more at:


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                  No one is dropping anything. It will take time before we introduce MSBS in significant number and we still have tens of thousand AKMS in our stocks, we have to replace it with something NOW, not in 5-10 years, now. Otherwise we would find ourself short in firearms for our army and reserve forces.


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                    The state tests of FB MSBS-5,56 rifle started a month ago, when it would be finished the military trials of the rifle are planned on 2016 (together with rest of Polish soldier modernization programme Tytan components).

                    However, the current standard assault rifle of Polish army is FB wz. 96A/B/C Beryl and the standard carbine is FB wz. 96B/C Mini Beryl. Both weapons are purchased under the long term procurement plans.

                    The Polish Armed Forces war stock is around 250,000 of 5.56 mm assault rifles, while current number of Beryls in service is approx. 75,000. There are still 300,000 obsolete AKs and AKMs in warehouses need to be replaced by new weapons for NATO standard ammunition.

                    However, due to the Ukraine crisis surplus weapons are not currently put for a sale, but still keeped. For instance, on January the Polish Land Forces gave 2,500 AKMS rifles to the Police as a "just-in-case" weapon, because Polish Police dropped all assault rifles (besides SWAT units) a couple years ago.


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                      There are some rummors that part of stockpile will be also handed to border guards as those units also no longer use assault rifles. Due to Ukraine it might be re-introduced.


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                        New Frag Out ! clip with MSBS

                        Friendly advice, mute sound - is really shitty.


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                          FB unveils the whole family of MSBS-5,56 at MSPO defence exhibition in Kielce


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                            InRange: SHOT Show 2016: Radom MSBS


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                              Originally posted by Kuka300 View Post
                              InRange: SHOT Show 2016: Radom MSBS

                              Remov voice in the background ??.

                              and short video from thefirearmblog.

                              Added Bull-pup configuration

                              Added january 22.01.2016

                              Extra PR-15 pistol

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