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New Hensoldt passive Radar demonstrated on ILA

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  • New Hensoldt passive Radar demonstrated on ILA

    The passive german TwInvis Radar uses all Radio Waves in the environment to detect Planes up to 250 km away.

    Some sources state this was one of the reasons no flight demonstration of the F-35 will take place.

    I think this is a good option together with the IRIS-T SL which is a medium range surface to air missile with infrared seeker. SEAD missions are are a lot more difficult against such Systems.
    New sensor demonstrates its capabilities during ILA in Berlin

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    The idea as such is not new but their software and hardware is probably more advanced than previous models.
    I see some problems with military applications:
    1. brute force jamming will make it useless
    2. it is not very moveable, it probably needs some time to "get used" to the electronic environment and create an emitter map
    3. It depends on a peacetime electronic environment, in any modern war, a lot of our radiowave emitters like Cell Phone towers or TV signals will probably be shut down or jammed, reducing the amount of radiation to be analyzed.