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China Teases Its H-20 Stealth Bomber

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  • China Teases Its H-20 Stealth Bomber

    The state-run Aviation Industry Corporation of China, or AVIC, may have given a first look at the long-rumored H-20 stealth bomber in a promotional video that apes Northrop Grumman’s famous Superbowl ad teasing what is now known as the B-21 Raider. The clip, which highlights the consortium’s various civil and military products, as well as those from its subsidiaries, has a number of other significant nods to the country’s strategic aviation capabilities, past and present.

    Honestly, I have to applaud the Chinese aircraft development of last 10 years, tho they still have some engine issues, however, eventually, they will fix it and also they are the only nation after USA that can invest that much amount of capital in any project.

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    A shape under a tarp.

    In that case I have a stealth bomber prototype in my spare bedroom.


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      I have to congratulate China for their state hacking abilities. That and their pragmatic approach to not reinventing the wheel, when you can steal the needed advanced tech from the US. Here's hoping the US and the rest of the west can step up, to adequately address this issue.


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        Yeah, being aviation fan, any new aircraft is a treat for me. I think US won't be able to do much, they have already got what they want and seem to be popping up also their civilian aircraft have lot of US parts so I think they might just follow and become a supplier?