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Mysterious New Jet Takes to the Air

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  • Mysterious New Jet Takes to the Air

    Scaled Composites announced the first flight of its newly developed, experimental aircraft Model 401. The company produced two such aircraft for an undisclosed customer, to demonstrate advanced, low-cost manufacturing techniques and research flight services for the United States government. This successful first flight is the beginning of the flight testphase for vehicle number 1. The Scaled team plans to continue envelope expansion on the first aircraft as they move toward first flight of the second vehicle.

    Scaled Composites is known for its advanced, innovative design and unique óne of a kind’ aircraft production legacy. Model 401 introduces new features, including signature reduction design features. Design similarities to the General AtomicsPredator CAvenger could hint at a manned test platform for certain manned/unmanned applications. Scaled Composites is a wholly owned subsidiary of Northrop Grumman Corporation, one of General Atomics’ competitors on the U.S. Navy’s MQ-25 carrier-based unmanned tanker aircraft program, for which GA has proposed an Avenger derivative.

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    move towards 3D printed aircraft