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US imposes stiff tariffs on Canada's Bombardier

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    They are definitely getting more fine tuned. Sad really. Its quite nice having a skill.

    Not referring to tarrif avoidance. Instead "state aid"

    From what is around regarding companies to move into states in the US there is a lot more flexibility

    "Until, without warning, Tesla came back to the table. Nevada ultimately won the factory deal, but at a cost that has proven controversial: the state offered an incentives package that was the largest in Nevada history, and became one of the 15 largest nationally. Over the next 20 years, Tesla could take in nearly $1.3 billion in tax benefits for building its Gigafactory in Nevada, according to projections from the state, as hires are made for the factory locally and from around the country. Assuming Tesla meets its obligations under the deal, it will spend 20 years free from sales tax, and 10 years free from property tax, while it receives millions of dollars more in tax credits.'

    I doubt if Airbus had to begrudgingly move in either.