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US imposes stiff tariffs on Canada's Bombardier

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    They are definitely getting more fine tuned. Sad really. Its quite nice having a skill.

    Not referring to tarrif avoidance. Instead "state aid"

    From what is around regarding companies to move into states in the US there is a lot more flexibility

    "Until, without warning, Tesla came back to the table. Nevada ultimately won the factory deal, but at a cost that has proven controversial: the state offered an incentives package that was the largest in Nevada history, and became one of the 15 largest nationally. Over the next 20 years, Tesla could take in nearly $1.3 billion in tax benefits for building its Gigafactory in Nevada, according to projections from the state, as hires are made for the factory locally and from around the country. Assuming Tesla meets its obligations under the deal, it will spend 20 years free from sales tax, and 10 years free from property tax, while it receives millions of dollars more in tax credits.'

    I doubt if Airbus had to begrudgingly move in either.


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      A Canadian aerospace firm which faced damaging import tariffs on one of its jets has won a trade dispute in the United States. The UK government had suspected that Bombardier would lose and unions feared sales and UK jobs connected to the C-Series would be hit.
      But in a surprise ruling, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) rejected a complaint brought by Boeing.
      PM Theresa May welcomed the move, calling it "good news" for UK industry.
      "Bombardier and its innovative workforce play a vital role in the Northern Ireland economy," she said.
      The ITC voted 4-0 in favour of Bombardier.
      I didn't see that one coming,


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        Most experts agreed with you.

        Puzzling. Maybe subsidies instead of tariffs are back in vogue


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          WTO ruling on Airbus paves way for US sanctions on EU
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            Originally posted by primer View Post
            WTO ruling on Airbus paves way for US sanctions on EU
            Case DS316 (Boeing against Airbus) is surprisingly congruent with DS317 (Airbus against Boeing), the decision of which is bound to arrive shortly. Given the similarities, the verdict could easily be the same. Coming up with sanctions at this point would be most unwise; this matter might as well be in abeyance for another twelve years.

            In the meantime, China and Russia go into business for themselves. And presumably, many of the developing world's carriers.


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              Ping Pong game going on for over 2 decades now.

              If you look at the figures each side claims more or less the same amount of subsidies.

              There are always subsidies in one form or an other - thats human nature. But all put on a fig leaf to enable them to ride the high horse and play a charade for the public audience.