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A400M Atlas News and In-Service Experiences

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  • A400M Atlas News and In-Service Experiences

    I created this thread to put in here News and In-Service Experiences. If any similar thread already exists please delete. Search brought no results.

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    ADA unprepared runway operations in Niger


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        I saw this thing performing a sharp climb in an airshow before. It was gorgeous.


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          I saw one over RAF Honnington...does that count for in-service experience? ;d


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            Haha from your point of view, certainly


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              Luftwaffe 54+04

              Fly-by and Landing @ Nato Days

              Luftwaffe 54+01

              Engine Start-up and Departure


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                Old Video from 2014 about unpaved runway trials, I think it was also posted on


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                  Luftwaffe receives first A400M fit for tactical deployments.


                  The sixth Atlas delivered to LW has imroved self protection systems.

                  It has a radar warner and an extendable defensive system with chaff/flare dispensers.

                  All A400M have the DASS is installed in Ulm at Airbus Defence and Space.

                  Low level flights over hilly terrain can be performed in 150ft altitude during daytime and at 300ft during nighttime.

                  The development of a fully autonomous terrain following system is fairly advanced according to Airbus.

                  Paras can be dropped initially in groups of 20 persons from the ramp or side doors.

                  Tests with 30 paras have already been conducted succesfully, certification is expected soon.

                  The flight tests continue to gradually increase teh numbers dropped continously from 40 to 58 later on.

                  Palletized loads can be dropped up to a single weight of 8 tonnes. I.e 24 x 1 tonnes of palletized loads.

                  Further loads are getting continously certified.

                  In this newest configuration teh Atlas is certified for operation up to 55° C at sea level.

                  In the case of battle damage or technical failure the aircaft is also certified to take off and operate with only 3 engines operational.


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                    A Royal Air Force (RAF) A400 Atlas aircrew gives an incentive flight to U.S. Air Force Airmen at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois on December 12, 2016.


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                      ATLAS in the Mach Loop (Low level flight)


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                        Very nice display at RIAT 2016

                        Another short mach loop vid

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