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    Marlow White, known throughout the Army for making custom-tailored service uniforms, hosted a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” on Wednesday, opening up the floor for questions on all things Army Service Uniform ― and the forthcoming Army Greens. The Army hasn’t put out a contract solicitation for the Greens, officially approved in November, but Marlow White has been following developments closely.

    “There’s been no announcements about contracts,” creative director Ben Peterson told Army Times on Tuesday. “But there’s plenty of misconceptions about timing and what will replace what ― so those are the types of things we’re hoping to help provide a window into for the soldiers.”


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      HUNTSVILLE, Ala. ― The sergeant major of the Army and several enlisted models have been showcasing the new Army Greens Uniform at public events over the past year, but the officer version has kept a much lower profile.

      Gen. Robert Brown, the commander of U.S. Army Pacific, debuted his set Tuesday at AUSA’s Global Force Symposium, telling Army Times that several senior leaders have been fitted for their new service uniforms, and should be showing them off soon.


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        Full-Color unit patches and tabs are back! (which you knw that already)

        President Trump touted the Army’s new service uniform at a White House event on Thursday, calling out its distinctive belt and telling an audience that the uniform is “very expensive.”

        During remarks in celebration of the Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride, Trump listed achievements in bolstering the U.S.'s military might during his administration, including a new uniform for soldiers.