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  • Stonecutter well nice lot of old artifacts.....and as you know I have been collecting a looonnnggg time, so my artifacts cover a lot of areas and time frames, but mostly "new world" archaeology. So let me post photos of photos from a book and some of my similar bottles.
    from the book "all the best Rubbish" by the late Ivor Noel Hume, one of the most popular author historical archeologists in north America.
    2 pages one is out of focus....

    and similar old bottles, these I believe are Dutch, 3 Onion black glass bottles and a similar straight side bottle to the base you found, also Dutch IMO.
    (The 3 onions all have rough pontile scars on the bottom, the straight side does not have rough pontil scar.

    bottom of one of the onion bottles scar:

    and lip of the straight side bottle black glass:

    forgot to add this closeup of the Onion bottle lip....

    stonecutter you may notice I "had" three onion bottles and now down to only two onion was accidently broken by Mrs. C when cleaning house,...... the fact it had survived 288 years without a single tiny crack....until it met her!..., barely registered on her scale of ...things like that strain a marriage relationship.
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    • Great pics, commanding! And sorry about your third onion bottle, but that is a funny story... lol. Did you find these or buy them?


      • Originally posted by Stonecutter View Post
        Great pics, commanding! And sorry about your third onion bottle, but that is a funny story... lol. Did you find these or buy them?
        I should lie...but I won't, I bought them....I had first seen this type of onion bottles in a book around 1960, in a book about a sunken Spanish ship of 1740, the book Diving for Pleasure and Treasure by Clay Blair (now deceased, he was a military author, submarine crewman of WW2, who wrote on lots of military subjects) and Robert Marx. they found some bottles that were kind of a cross between mallets and onions. Later I learned more about them from several books by Ivor Noel Hume, etc. So I finally ran across some for a price I could afford and bought those 3 onions and the straight side one.

        I also have an iron broadaxe I bought from a different location (never in the salt water) that I think dates from the late 1700s, and Spanish/Mexican in origin. Some round cannon balls and lead musket balls from different periods. I should have been a history teacher I think.


        • this cloth patch acquired not long after the "first gulf war" circa 1992. No idea if it is Iraqi, Saudi or Kuwaiti or what. about 2.5 inch diameter.......