This was simply a stab at developing something to give the US a multimission frigate capability. The LCS has a long way to go before it can prove to me to be an actual combat vessel, so I gave some thought to the kind of ship the USN could acquire, adapt and build rather quickly, I picked the MEKO A200-class multimission frigate, as currently used by South Africa and (soon) Algeria but in one form or another used by many other counties, including close US allies.
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The final design I came up with put the ships in two batches. Batch One would be designed for littoral warfare - ISR, naval gunfire support, SOF support, and some amount of self defense, ASW and ASuW power. I imagine these ships would be the cheaper of the two batches, and take over a lot of the jobs we currently see destroyers and cruisers doing - anti-piracy patrols, showing the flag, and multinational training.

The second batch is more of a blue-water frigate, with more VLS, a 76mm, vice 5" gun, and adapted for ASW and OASuW. These frigates would be the escorts, the pickets and the ASW screens for more valuable ships.