I began this in 2010 when I was in Iraq. It was intended as a way for me to kill a couple of sleepless hours after my duty day when my mind was racing too much to just collapse into my rack and crash out. I've always been interested in military organization, and force generation - partly because I've been a wargamer for so long.

What I set out to do was lay out a vision for the US Army in 2020. A force that was oriented towards missions we should expect to see in the future rather than the force that went to war (and kept going to war for 8 years in Iraq) that was never really well suited to the kind of war we were fighting. Tank battalions dismounted and put into humvees. Artillery batteries with one or two guns. Air defense units pulling convoy escort duty. It felt very much like we never committed to the kind of wars we were fighting - like we assumed, as a military force, that the wars would be over quick and things could go back to normal and we'd never have to deal with urban COIN again.

So, this was my idea. I'm offering it here for comments and criticisms. I won't claim originality for any particular idea, but this is very much a mashup of things I've read and conversations I've had over time. It's not finished, and has big chunks left to flesh out (field artillery, support, sustainment forces) but there's enough in it to begin to pick apart,