So our intent.....

"Our" meaning the legacy Mod crew..... to transfer the unique community and culture of over to this new forum here at

1)Focus on the key long-term members in good standing from around the globe.

You are our competitive advantage.

You are the reason why I've kept coming back over the years.

You bring some serious and credible local ground truth to global news events

You bring something that other great forum like , ShadowSpear,, and SOCNET don't really focus on, which is leveraging a pretty substantial GLOBAL community of Veterans and their friends.

You are a global and diverse community of alpha nerds and that's where the real value is here. The rest is just needed comedic relief.

2)Maintain the quirky sense of humor that pervaded and wear our military nerd badges with pride

Airsoft is GONE. Airsoft association probably did more than anything to damage our collective credibility and overshadow the often significant and original content generation(especially from a global perspective) has generated over the past decade+.

Maturity/Professionalism. We need to up our game. While we never want to lose the legacy sense of humor(Tom of Finn NOTwithstanding), we do want to start engaging as if we are in person, whihc means the appropriate level of humor, discipline, dignity, mutual respect, and irreverence as if we drinking a few pints in a Commonwealth military mess.

Some of the other forums have a number of less than flattering posts/comments about us. While there's certainly some truth to it(Airsoft being gone and more professional behavior focused moderation will certainly help), it would be great to see an improvement in our reputation

3) Shared sense of ownership

The legacy Mod crew have put this all together.

We are not IT alpha nerds(if there is one out there, stick you're hand up and we'll have a look at you), so please be patient with out efforts.

We see this as a shared community. You get out of it, what you put into it.

We have already brought onboard a bunch of new category Mods( Hellfish in History Channel, Gaz in Off Topic Channel, Albatross in the Political Channel, and TheKiwi in News & Current Events Channel)

We hope this will be a self-sustaining community

4)We need your help to make it work.

Here's what YOU can do.

1) Start up the very high traffic threads from over here at, with a tip of the hat to where it all started.

2) Start "baking the daily bread" with new high quality thread content creation and general posting.

3) Figure out how to copy/transfer those epic threads from over the years to

We need to get embedded as the seamless replacement for

Thanks for your support!