We're sitting on circa 70 members after our first 24 hours of officially coming out of the closet.

A good chunk of the MP.net "usual suspects" have bought into it and migrated over.

Not too shabby for the 1st day of OP Don't Panic.

Still trying to figure out how to make the backend work.

I feel like Homer Simpson randomly pushing buttons on his nuclear control panel.

Digrar and I have been chatting via instant message like a bunch of gossipy old ladies, and I'm still pretending to know what I'm doing.

My phone has voice activated shit on it.

I should be able to just say "Hey fucknose(meaning the forum software NOT Digrar)! Sort out the user permissions and shit."

We need an Alpha Nerd!

Anyone reading this rubbish is obviously one of our usual suspects.......and should be busy creating threads about tomorrow's headlines and other witty/funny shit.