G'day All,

We're working hard to get everyone registered into TheMess.net

So far things are exceeding expectations as we figured most folks would place a similarly high value in this community and wish to see it continue.

The downside is that we are trying to push a tsunami of new members(very high uptake) thru a drinking straw(Mod registration coverage).

Our "drinking straw" constraint is Mods cross-referencing membership and associated email addresses at MP.net with new registrations.

If you are new to both MP.net AND TheMess.net, we're sorry, but priority must be given to existing community members in good standing. We apologize for the inconvenience and the wait.

If you are an existing member of MP.net and you are waiting for registration in TheMess.net hopefully you have followed directions and have selected the same MP.net username and associated email address. If not, your registration WILL be delayed and possibly deleted

Please follow the simple instructions already communicated.

Thanks so much for the enormous level of support and uptake.

Our intent is to demand a higher level of diplomacy, respect, and performance from our community, while still learning and having a good laugh.

Failure to do so will see you removed from our community.

We want you here to raise the average.